Xie Junshi, COO of ZTE: Building a digital economy for a win-win cloud network ecosystem

On March 25, at the 2021 ZTE Government-Enterprise Cloud Network Ecological Summit, ZTE Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Xie Junshi delivered a keynote speech entitled “Building Roads for Digital Economy, Winning Cloud Network Ecology”. He said, The year 2021 is a crucial year for ZTE to move from the development period to the beyond period. ZTE has proposed a development strategy of consolidating the base and expanding the new, with quality growth, which will further enhance the strategic position of the government and enterprise business, continue to increase the investment of resources, and make every effort to Support the business expansion of government and enterprises.

The following is the full text of the speech:

2020 is an extraordinary year. In the face of the complex external environment, we have focused on the fight against the epidemic with one hand and development with the other.

Steady operation, and another 100 billion revenue

Looking back on the past, the “three-stage” strategy we formulated in 2018, the recovery period has been completed as scheduled, and the development period has passed halfway smoothly. Leading, achieving stable operation and sound development.

In 2020, ZTE’s overall revenue will exceed 100 billion. In terms of market, we have basically achieved a third of the world in the domestic operator market, whether it is wireless, core network, or bearer; in overseas markets, despite the complex political Despite the environment and severe epidemic, we still achieved a growth of 2.7% overseas; what is particularly gratifying is that in the government and enterprise market, our revenue increased significantly by 23.1% year-on-year, of which domestic government and enterprise growth exceeded 30%. It should be said that in the era of new infrastructure and digital economy, the growth of ZTE’s domestic government and enterprise market is accelerating. At the same time, in terms of healthy operation, our cash flow, asset-liability ratio and operation quality continued to improve. In 2020, ZTE’s overall R&D investment accounted for 14.6% of its operating income. We continued to increase R&D investment and strengthen core competitiveness, laying a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

Build the ultimate cloud company internally

Become a road builder for the digital economy

The world is currently undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and the digital economy has become a new engine for high-quality economic development in the future. In the era of digital economy, ZTE has two clear positions for itself.

Internally, we want to build the ultimate cloud company. The ultimate is our attitude towards technology. We must constantly pressurize ourselves, continue to innovate in the underlying core technologies, and pursue the ultimate; at the same time, through digital transformation, we must build the company into an all-cloud in the fields of R&D, operation, office, production, etc. A cloud company that is intelligent, intelligent, and lightweight can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality while being more flexible and agile to deal with future uncertainties.

Externally, we are determined to be the road builder of the digital economy. To get rich, we must build roads first, and build roads first, and then have cars. We hope to pave the way for the transformation and upgrading of the industry through the ultimate network, precise cloud network and empowerment platform, and grow together. The road of technological development has never been smooth. When people enjoy the convenience brought by technological innovation, there are always people working hard behind the scenes. Well, you are the meaning of my existence.” We firmly position ourselves in the industry chain, do a good job in technological innovation of the underlying basic technologies with ingenuity, and sincerely work with partners to open up and win-win. We are willing to do the hardest things, and insist on doing the hardest things to the best, willing to be the “road builder” of the digital economy.

Insist on rooting downwards and growing towards the sun

In order to achieve these two positions, we believe that innovation is the source of enterprise development. Therefore, ZTE insists on taking root and growing in the sun.

For certainty, we advocate rooting down, pursuing the ultimate, and building our hard power through continuous independent innovation. Providing customers with the ultimate experience and creating the ultimate network efficiency is our commitment to customers. To realize this commitment, we need to have a strong core technology foundation and products that touch the soul of customers. We will continue to increase investment and innovation in underlying technologies such as chips, algorithms, architectures, databases and operating systems to enhance the competitiveness of core technologies and create the ultimate core. Experience, ultimate efficiency.

For uncertainty, we advocate building agility and positive growth through digital transformation. “The road is simple, but the fast is not broken.” “Agility” is the core of coping with uncertainty. Only with agility can fast delivery and rapid iteration be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of the market. In the digital transformation of the industry, we will be customer value-oriented, focus on scenarios, and provide customers with light and flexible products and solutions, one-point success, and rapid replication. At the same time, we also hope to make friends, cooperate with industrial chain and ecological partners, build a cloud network ecology that is more in line with the needs of circular development, and grow together.

Continue to increase resource investment

Fully support the development of government and enterprise business

2021 is a key year for ZTE to move from the development period to the beyond period. The goal of the beyond period is a great challenge for us. How to lay a solid foundation for the beyond period, we put forward at the beginning of the year “consolidate the capital and expand the new, and grow with quality”. The main definition of quality growth is compliance operation, prominent main business, core competitiveness, and corporate social responsibility. For the three main businesses, we take “government and enterprise” as our key word this year for three reasons:

First, there is a market. This year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. With the increased investment in new infrastructure and the acceleration of digital transformation, there is still a lot of market space for government and enterprise to expand, and government and enterprise have been our fastest growing businesses in the past two years. One, showing great potential for development;

Second, there are products. We have formed a good reputation in the electric power, finance, energy, transportation, Internet and other industries. In addition to traditional transmission, wireless, conference TV and other advantageous products, we have also created GoldenDB distributed database, A batch of star products such as full-module data centers, servers and storage, we are willing to create more and better products for customers;

Third, we have the ability. We have accumulated enough potential energy by focusing on improving efficiency during the recovery period and development period. I also believe that we have the ability to look up the government and enterprise market.

In 2021, ZTE will further enhance the strategic position of government and enterprise business, continue to increase resource investment, and fully support the expansion of government and enterprise business.

In terms of the market, we will integrate various internal resources on the basis of further improving the ecological construction of the government and enterprise cloud network, strengthen the linkage, give full play to the overall advantages, form a joint force, and help the government and enterprises become bigger and stronger.

In terms of products, we will increase special investment in product research and development for the government and enterprise markets to ensure that government and enterprise needs are given priority. We have made bold innovations and adjustments in the field of research and development according to the characteristics of government and enterprise products. While establishing the 5G industry product line the year before, we have also set up special teams for government and enterprise products in several major product management departments this year, targeting government and enterprise products. It has also adopted a differentiated tilt mechanism in terms of assessment, incentives, and operation mechanisms to create more competitive products.

In terms of channel capacity building, we put forward the cooperation concept of “more, easier and fairer” to serve our partners well. “More” means more products, “easier” means easier opening and maintenance, and “more” means easier maintenance. “Fairness” means that channel policies are fairer and better serve partners. At the same time, we will further enhance the optimization and upgrading of IT, processes, incentives and empowerment, and provide you with a set of easy-to-use, easy-to-use Full-process online IT platform; provide more adaptable and flexible incentive and support plans; provide easier and easier-to-maintain delivery and services, as well as efficient and timely supply chain and market support, to comprehensively improve our channel service capabilities.

In the tide of the digital economy, we will adhere to the ultimate attitude and continue to make breakthroughs in bottom-level innovation, take root downwards, and build our own hard power; build more agile, more efficient, and more open scenario-based solutions, grow in the sun, and jointly innovate the ecosystem; “Joint force, competitiveness, channel service ability” serve partners well, consolidate the foundation and expand the new, jointly write a new chapter of government and enterprise, and build a new digital economy.

In the era of digital economy, we believe that we and our partners must coexist and grow together like a tropical rainforest. Finally, let us build a digital and intelligent tropical rainforest together, and work together for a win-win situation. thank you all!

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