Xiaomi obtains virtual try-on patent, launches virtual human IP account on Saturday or within the year

1. Recently, according to media reports, the byte music platform, which has been rumored for nearly a year, will be launched soon. According to sources, Byte is testing its first domestic music software internally. The name of the product is not “Feile” as previously reported, but “Soda Music”. The development of the main product will be completed around September this year. .

It is reported that the soda music R&D team is mainly based in Shanghai. The R&D team has members with music and audio backgrounds such as NetEase Cloud Music and Himalaya, and also participates in the operation of Resso’s products. The entire team is more like the “Multi-Flash” team of the year, and it is younger.

2. On December 15th, it was stated on the interactive platform on Saturday that the first virtual human IP account is expected to be launched within this year.

On Saturday, the short video platform was selected to incubate the related virtual human IP. The company stated that the virtual human IP account will consider the development of IP authorization, commercial advertising and virtual humans to carry goods and other related methods for commercial realization. In the future, we will try to construct a variety of forms such as virtual human live broadcast, virtual human and real person combined interactive live broadcast.

Xiaomi obtains virtual try-on patent, launches virtual human IP account on Saturday or within the year

3. News on December 15th, according to investigations, recently, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “Yuan OS” trademark, which is classified as a scientific and technological instrument by the international classification, and the current trademark status is in application.

Huawei has also applied for trademarks such as Yuan Service before, among which Hongmeng Yuan Service has been licensed for registration.

4. News on December 15th, according to investigations, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. recently obtained the patent authorization of “Virtual Try-on Method and Device”, the application date is December 2017.

The summary shows that the method includes: segmenting the image of the human body displayed on the Electronic Display screen to obtain the area of ​​the worn clothing of the same type as the clothing to be tried in the image of the human body, and adjusting the color distribution by deforming the image of the segmented human body , Get the adjusted image of the human body and Display it on the Electronic display. This technical solution can accurately superimpose virtual clothing on a human body image.

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