With a total investment of over 20 billion, Nanjing has signed 16 industrial projects, forming three strong related industrial clusters of 100 billion new infrastructure.

Recently, Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone held a new infrastructure industry ecological investment promotion conference and a centralized project signing event. 16 new infrastructure industry projects were signed on the spot, with a total investment of over 20 billion. The signed projects involve new infrastructure fields such as 5G communication, smart grid, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, and smart IoT.

In recent years, Jiangning Development Zone has seized the major strategic opportunities for Nanjing to build a famous innovative city and an industrial landmark, actively cultivate and develop new industries and new economies, and make forward-looking layouts in cutting-edge fields such as 5G, UHV, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence, and has formed a green intelligent Automobiles, new-generation information technology, and smart grids are three 100-billion-dollar new infrastructure “strongly connected” industrial clusters.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiangning Development Zone has regarded new infrastructure as a force and breakthrough point to leverage new investment and cultivate new kinetic energy. New infrastructure-related industries have achieved growth against the trend. From January to April, the output value of the new generation of information technology industry increased by 10.8% year-on-year. The output value of the smart grid industry increased by 23%, and the output value of the integrated circuit industry increased by 43.6%. The new infrastructure-related industries have become an important engine driving economic development, playing a key role in “stabilizing the economy, promoting transformation, and ensuring employment”.

At this signing event, the Sino-German Manufacturing and Digital Industry Innovation Center and the Industrial Internet Innovation and Application Demonstration Center have two innovation center projects, Sile New Energy Headquarters, Agnos Lidar R&D and Manufacturing Headquarters, Aizhanye Cloud Headquarters, etc. 14 industrial projects were signed and officially settled in Jiangning Development Zone, with a total investment of 20.15 billion yuan.

Among them, Agnos lidar R&D and production headquarters, with a total investment of 150 million US dollars, is in the field of smart cars, specializing in lidar hardware R&D and production, autonomous driving system software, algorithm and hardware R&D, testing, design and production, A high-tech enterprise researching and developing a smart city vehicle-road coordination system.

In addition, Jiangning Development Zone also plans to implement 75 new infrastructure and related industry projects with a total investment of nearly 70 billion yuan this year. 5 major carrier projects of new infrastructure-related industries, etc., to create a perfect supporting environment for investment and development of new infrastructure industries. A series of special support policies will also be introduced to focus on guarantees in terms of capital, resources and other elements, optimize the industrial investment environment, and expand industry-related enterprises.

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