Wisdom Leading Core Vision!Schneider Electric provides greater assistance for the digital construction of electronic factories

In recent years, as a strategic industry supporting China’s economic and social development, China’s Electronic information industry has developed steadily under the dual pull of policy support and market demand. Recently, Schneider Electric, a global digital transformation expert in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, held the 2019 Schneider Electric Electronics Industry Summit with the theme of “Intelligent Leadership” in Chongqing. Chongqing is one of the earliest cities in China to develop the integrated circuit industry, and has initially built a relatively complete integrated circuit industry chain. The location of the Schneider Electric Electronics Summit in Chongqing has once again demonstrated the city’s “Electronic charm.”

Wisdom Leading Core Vision!Schneider Electric provides greater assistance for the digital construction of electronic factories

During the conference, Schneider Electric demonstrated the effective application of its EcoStruxure-based smart power distribution solutions in the construction of many electronic plants, and nearly a hundred guests, including many customers and partners, focused on the development trend of the electronics industry, safety, efficiency, and green electronic plants. In-depth discussions on topics such as construction and full life cycle safe operation fully demonstrated professional strength and deep industry accumulation. At the same time, Schneider Electric has also signed strategic agreements with a number of partners, which also reflects its determination to adhere to a win-win situation with the industry.

Since 2017, Schneider Electric has helped well-known enterprises in the Display industry, integrated circuit manufacturing, silicon wafers, lithium batteries, smart terminals and other fields to achieve 7*24 hours of worry-free operation through a unique model of full-scenario, pan-connected, and multi-level. , and comprehensively improve the full life cycle digital operation and maintenance experience. Schneider Electric has developed a medium and low voltage intelligent power distribution solution based on the EcoStruxure architecture and platform with years of deep cultivation in the industry, through the use of continuously iterative interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and service. A “social network” that interconnects electrical equipment, power and energy efficiency management systems, and data to achieve unified management and efficient collaboration from energy input to power output, from plant management systems to technological processes.

It is worth mentioning that based on the EcoStruxure architecture, Schneider Electric has provided Hefei Fengchuang with intelligent equipment covering medium and low voltage intelligent equipment, high-end circuit breakers, intelligent equipment represented by PM8000 intelligent meters, PME/PSO power monitoring and power management software, clairvoyance A complete set of intelligent power distribution solutions from maintenance experts and Facility Advisor, which fully helps its power supply and distribution facilities to be safe and reliable, and comprehensively improves the efficiency of equipment operation and operation and maintenance through digital means, helping Hefei Fengchuang to achieve cost-effectiveness Shrinkage and production yield improvement.

In addition, Schneider Electric has always emphasized win-win cooperation with partners, using open architecture and cooperation models, and working with partners to improve the continuous iteration and practice of system integration solutions and engineering capabilities in the electronics industry, creating solutions ranging from solution provision, integration delivery to service extension The closed-loop intelligent power distribution business of the company has fully developed the dual-line market for the construction of new and existing electronic plants, which has successfully contributed to the continuous appreciation of the business value of partners.

(Zhang Fan, Vice President of Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Management Low Voltage Business Marketing Department)

The “Smart Power Distribution Engineering Applied University”, which integrates resources such as universities and industrial innovation centers, will also become Schneider Electric and partners to accelerate the upgrade of the smart power distribution ecological industry, cultivate high-end talents for smart power distribution, incubate innovative projects in the electronics industry, and promote China’s Another engine of vocational school intelligent power distribution professional education, which is undoubtedly a greater extension of its development of digital ecological construction.

In this regard, Zhang Fan, Vice President of Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Management Low Voltage Business Marketing Department, said: “As we have seen, strong market demand and capital investment have injected strong impetus into the vigorous development of the electronics industry. Continuous innovation in technology, solutions, applications and business development, continue to build intelligent power distribution architecture and professional service capabilities that are more suitable for a new generation of high-tech electronic factories, and bring more safe, reliable, efficient and standardized services to more electronic customers. Value. We look forward to working with more partners to face the future together and provide greater help for the development of the electronics industry cluster represented by Chongqing!”

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