Wifi smart RGB LED Strip color box set [China factory]

How does Wifi smart LED strip light Kit work?


First step 1. Connect the power supply, wifi controller and led strip. Please pay attention to the output voltage of power supply and input voltage of led strip, make sure both of them are the same voltage. Now, we finished connecting. 2. Turn on the power supply and make sure the led strip is flashing with white colour. If not, press the Restart key more than 5 seconds to restart it until it’s flashing.

Second step 1. Make sure your mobile phone was connected to WIFI, and the WIFI signal is good and stable. 2. Search “Smart Life” from the App store or Google Play. Or you are available to scan the QR code from the label of product or user manual. 3. Open the Smart Life APP, register a new account with your phone number or email address, then you will get a verification code, enter it and set your password. Third step 1. Choose the lighting, then enter adding lighting device interface, click” confirm light blinks rapidly” to go proceed. 2. Enter WIFI’s password. 3. Connecting. The led strip will stop flashing when it connected with the controller successfully. 4. You could name it if you like. Click it and then you are available to change the brightness and colour, to set the different scene. If you want to control them together, create a group. Then they could be controlled together.

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