Why take the Google Cloud Professional exam?

I decided to take the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam for two reasons. One is to learn more about Google Cloud products for data engineering and machine learning; the other is to prove that they have the information through exams.

I chose to take part in Google, not AWS and Microsoft Azure, for the following reasons:

First, Google is a leading cloud provider in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Assuming I start a company in space, I will also use this Google Google Apps Calendar Dumps.

Compared to other major cloud services, Google has the clearest help documentation and the best user experience. At the same time, it also has the most affordable GPUs and the most powerful deep learning model training machine.

In addition, there are some good study materials available for preparing for the Google exam. I will study these preparation materials in depth below. The Google exam is a professional-level exam, which means that the exam is difficult, and passing the exam means that you have acquired the most relevant knowledge.

Google DUmps

Exam Preparation List

In terms of background, I have used many Google Cloud products. But before preparing for the exam, I didn’t know the difference between BigQuery and Bigtable, nor did I do a lot of data engineering related work.

This is not the kind of exam you can handle in a day or two. I suspect that almost no one will test naked; after all, the number and setting of Google products change rapidly.

Practical level: 7.5 / 10

The Google Professional Cloud Architect Dumps at Evedumps is great. This course includes videos, quizzes, Lucid Chart eBooks, and final exams. The Evedumps offers free GCP practice time and also has a helpful community Slack channel.

While studying, I used a legal pad to take notes-most of them are from Linux Academy videos.

Legal pad before use

As of early June 2019, the course has not been upgraded for new exams, so the course may not be as useful as before. The lecturer said that these materials may be updated in late June 2019.

The Linux Academy final exam draws some questions from Google’s official practice exam. To take the exam in mid-June 2019, don’t place too much faith in the final exam results. Because the final exam has not been fully updated, the actual exam will be more difficult.

Important: The Linux Academy can provide a good foundation, but you may want to wait until the training materials are updated before you start preparing for the exam.


Practicality: 5.5 / 10

Google Professional Data Engineer Dumps are not just for exams. I think it’s helpful for the whole study, but it’s not very helpful if you want to figure out what you need to learn to pass the exam.

Like Linux Academy, Qwicklabs provides a Google Cloud Sandbox for practice. Qwicklabs will check your progress in the sandbox, which is great. But Qwicklabs has no video.

The user experience is great. But the countdown timer for each class is a bit distracting and stressful-but in fact, Google exams also have countdowns. Qwicklabs timers are very large-if the timer is distracting, then I recommend moving that part of the window off the screen.