Why is CompTIA Security+ certification so hot?

First of all, the network information security industry is developing rapidly, and the information security talent gap is huge. Whether it is at the government level or in all walks of life, network information security is receiving more and more attention. In this context, the number of existing network information security practitioners has been unable to meet the huge demand of the industry. A large number of professional graduates and traditional IT operation and maintenance personnel urgently need an authoritative certification as a stepping stone to enter the information security industry. However, CISSP and CISP currently recognized require years of information security experience to obtain certification. Security+ certification is precisely solved due to its characteristics. This problem. Become a veritable certification for entering the information security industry.​

Secondly, Security+ certification is an internationally recognized certification with high gold content. CompTIA Security+ certification dumps is the only IT professional technology certification recognized in 147 countries in the information security field. It has been rated as one of the top ten international IT industry certifications. This certification fully meets the requirements of the ISO 17024 standard for personal certification, and meets the US Department of Defense’s skill requirements for IT technology employees (8570.01-M), while meeting the requirements of the US Federal Information Security Management Requirements (FISMA). Professional knowledge and skills can also generate substantial returns for professional and technical personnel. US Bureau of Labor statistics show that the annual income of information security officers, system security administrators, information security managers and other positions is generally higher than 86,000 US dollars. The exam may is difficulty, that many use CompTIA A+ 220 1001 dumps to clear the exam quickly.​

Thirdly, professional certifications focusing on technical and practical capabilities include network security; compliance and operational security; threats and vulnerabilities; application, data and host security; access control and identity management; and encryption technologies. Its focus on the characteristics of technology and practical ability is precisely in line with the current situation of the domestic information security industry, which urgently needs a large number of first-line professionals, filling the gap in the demand for domestic industry certification. The launch of the Chinese version of the exam indicates the broader prospects of Security+ certification in the domestic information security industry. The official has also launched a Chinese test to facilitate more people to obtain authoritative international certification.