Which is better CCNA or CCNP to Obtain?

Cisco Systems, Inc. provides superlative communications and networking products and services. The most admired products among them would be the routing and switching products which would be helping in unswerving data, voice and video traffic throughout the networks across the globe.

Cisco endows the certifications for ensuring that the IT professionals would possess the skills which would be mandatory for utilizing Cisco products and be able to guide customers as well as solve their problems. There are five levels of network certification as well as each level would be requiring a candidate to clear one or more 300-730 Dumps.

Cisco Certification Levels

Entry-Level Certifications

The entry-level certifications would be including two credentials Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) and Cisco Certified Technician (CCT). Both of these certifications would be allocated as the starting point for a victorious career in networking.

Associate Level

The two Associate Level certifications are going to include Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) as well as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). These credentials would be proving that your skills are going to be obligatory to manage successfully state-of-the-art network solutions.

Professional Level

The two professional-level certifications Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) would be recognized as a candidate’s skills and knowledge which would be regarding more advanced networking.


300-735 Dumps are believed to be the most sought after career credentials which would be demonstrating an individual’s ability to install, configuring, operating and troubleshooting routed and switched networks. CCNA certifications wouldn’t be available in eight famous vicinities namely: Wireless, Service Provider, Security, Routing and Switching, Industrial/IoT, Data Center, Collaboration, and Cloud.



CCNP is believed to be more of an intermediate level certification that would be aimed at professionals who are working with LAN or WAN infrastructure. This certification is going to demonstrate an individual’s ability to planning, implementing, verifying and troubleshooting WANs and LANs. CCNP certifications would be covering seven different domains namely: Wireless, Service Provider, Security, Routing and Switching, Data Center, Collaboration, and Cloud.



CCNA is an Associate level certification CCNP is a professional level Cisco certification

CCNA doesn’t require any prerequisite for undertaking the exam CCNP necessitates a candidate to be moreover certified in CCNA or possess a CCIE certification in any track

CCNA certifications could be earned by clearing any two exams depending on the subject of the program CCNP certifications, except Routing and Switching, necessitate a candidate to clear at least four exams. The Routing and Switching credential could be earned by clearing three exams.

CCNA certifications proposing basic knowledge of networking CCNP certifications endow with a detailed knowledge of 300-725 Dumps

The jobs roles obtainable post CCNA certification include Network Technician, Network Support Engineer, Helpdesk Engineer, and Service Desk Engineer CCNP certifications recommend job roles such as Network Engineer, Network Analyst, IT Team Leader, Systems Engineer, and Network Specialist

The Salary offered at the CCNA Certifications is less compared to the CCNP Certification, which again depends on the job title and experience.Since CCNP certifications are earned only after earning a CCNA certification, CCNP certifications offer a higher salary than CCNA certifications.


Talking about the scope that these certifications are going to offer the 300-720 Dumps, both are going to serve as a great career move for anybody; although CCNP is believed to be a better choice it is a professional level certification.

CCNP would be having the capability of escalating your career development manifolds.

If you are a professional and are already certified with the CCNA certification, then there shouldn’t be any delay in earning a CCNP certification for exploring more opportunities.

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