Where is the batch flower machine mainly used?

The batch flower machine is a horizontal CD pattern cnc machining equipment, which is mainly suitable for batch flower processing of products such as sign mobile phones, digital camera shells, and communication product shells. Equipped with double cutter head, it can realize rough machining and finishing on aluminum sheet and stainless steel material, and can be used for CD pattern processing and high gloss processing of round products.

Features of batch flower machine:

After a long period of testing and research, the two-axis CNC batch flower machine developed by Shigong has mature technology and stable processing;

Using Baoyuan LNC system, the rapid traverse speed of each axis reaches 12m / min, and the maximum cutting feed speed reaches 10m / min;

Suitable for all kinds of arc engraving operations, using double cutters, double working tables, shorten processing time, improve work efficiency;

Scope of application

Mainly suitable for CD pattern cnc manufacturing of mobile phones, digital camera shells and other products, the stripe spacing is even and bright.

Batch flower machine is a name in the industry, and some people call it a carving machine. On the metal surface or other materials, imitating the principle of artificial carving, approved a variety of beautiful patterns, such as: bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, beads, tags, various jewelry and nameplate LOGO production will be used.

Widely cited industries: electronics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, digital, mobile phones, audiovisual, watches, aluminum parts, etc.

The main products are: nameplate batch high-gloss machine, variable pattern batch flower machine, mesh CNC batch flower machine, CNC batch circle machine, four-cutter CNC batch flower machine (automatic feeding), circle batch flower machine, CNC multi-function batch Flower machine, CNC round tube batch flower machine, special-shaped wire batch flower machine, button automatic batch flower machine, button double head automatic batch flower machine, automatic round wire batch machine, 4-axis machining batch flower machine, steel shell CNC three-axis batch machine Flower machine, CNC tube bead batch flower machine, CNC round bead batch flower machine.