What is the difference between UPVC and PVC?

The differences between UPVC and PVC are as follows:

1. UPVC pipe is the meaning of stearin polyvinyl chloride, good quality, suitable for industrial wastewater, food-grade ultra-pure water, reverse osmosis and other water treatment equipment, electroplating equipment, etc., has a wide range of use. Machining PVC pipe is the meaning of polyvinyl chloride, generally poor quality, insufficient hardness, easy to age, etc., used for drainage pipes.

2. The U in UPVC, its original text is unplasticized. The PVC raw material without plasticizer added in the manufacture of PVC raw material is called UPVC or PVCU. Without the addition of a plasticizer, the chlorine in the PVC raw material will be completely volatilized, and the PVC raw material with the plasticizer added has a lot of residual chlorine that cannot be volatilized.

3. UPVC is a product that improves performance based on PVC. UPVC pipes have no residual chlorine release, and PVC pipes have residual chlorine release.

UPVC must be modified and granulated before it can be used. PVC is brittle, with poor thermal stability and difficult to cnc machining. It cannot be used directly. It must be modified and mixed with related additives. The most common modification is modified granulation. Strictly speaking, the PVC modified formula of PVC products with special requirements is tailored according to customer requirements.

At present, the formulation design of domestic PVC modified materials, many products have been exported abroad, and have obtained some independent intellectual property rights; after 24 hours at room temperature, UPVC particles absorb less than 0.02% of water, so no drying is required. If it is necessary to dry, put it in a hot gas oven at 60-70 ℃ for 3 hours, or a dryer at 80 ℃ for 1-1.5 hours.

Recycled materials can be mixed with new materials up to 20%. The amount of recycled materials depends on the end use of the product. Misuse of recycled materials can make injection molding fail, not only because too many components are recycled, but also because the materials are pvc machining multiple times. Every time the recycled material is recycled, the quality decreases.