What is the difference between a cheap road bike and a expensive road bike?

Road bike as a burning money sport and the hobby, you get what you pay off. The better bikes are more expensive. The marginal effect is more obvious. How different is that cheap ROAD BIKE from that expensive carbon road bicycle?

Do you know the difference between low-end bikes and top-class bicycles?

1. The frame material

Most of the expensive road bikes are made of carbon fiber, for example, UCI WorldTour use it. And the cheap bikes are made of aluminum alloy and few of them are made of steel. Carbon fiber material has lighter weight and better shock absorption and better weight-to-rigidity ratio than aluminum alloy. However, there are grades of carbon fiber. The more advanced carbon fiber frame has stronger rigidity and is lighter. For example, T800 is lighter than T700.

2. Weight

This is obviously. Most of the cheap low-end road bicycles are about 13-15 KG. Of course, the heavier ones also have. The Carbon fibre bikes are about 5-8 KG.The cyclists is faster and uses less energy when cycling.

3. Bicycle configuration

Most low-end road bikes use aluminum alloy wheels. The other components are mostly made of aluminum alloy. The sets are generally Shimano R7000 and below. The result is lower shock absorption and comfort. And it is more difficult to ride than the carbon road bikes.

The sets of road bikes mostly made of carbon fiber, and R8000 above level. the electronic gear sets is very common,Etap,Shimano Di2,EPS and other models. At present, all major brands have launched disc brake version on the basis of their flagship models to meet the market trend.

4. Details

Top road bikes have more ratio than the range, the current mainstream of top bikes mostly use the aerodynamics integration handlerbar and using total internal line design (disc brake), Some brands have further used a sunken handle design to increase aerodynamic performance. In addition, the carbon road bicycles also have a variety of frame technologies, such as asymmetric rear forks, concealed seat tube clamps, all-carbon integrated bottom bracket, cracked lower tubes, and swept forks, which are designed to enhance the performance and comfort of the frame.

Low-end road vehicles are rarely detailed, most of them are standard design, and most of the technologies are coarse, imitation high-end models.

5. Cycling on the Road experience

The high-end bikes climbs smoothly, it has excellent braking, quick downhill speed, and easier to maintain at an excellent level. Road bikes are very fast due to their excellent aerodynamics when going downhill, so excellent braking performance is especially important in this situation.



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