What is the CCIE Certifications Values?

If you have CCIE certification 20 years ago, people who know their gold content will look up to you; if you have CCIE certification 15 years ago, others will at least give a thumbs up; 10 years ago you took CCIE certification with CCIE security 400 251 dumps, when you cheered, others I will look at you coldly, and I will sneer in my heart; now if you tell others that you have CCIE certification, you will inadvertently see the corners of others quietly rising, the eyes are full of contempt that cannot be concealed, because everyone knows that it is just cheating the result of…

If you don’t cheat, 1000 people can have a CCIE certification based on their true skills. Of course, if you have actually tested it, it is really amazing.

If you really like to be a network engineer, you must learn by yourself. If you don’t understand it, you can ask someone else, whether online or offline, until you thoroughly understand the principle, whether you are interviewing or solving real problems, the problem is always The ever-changing, but the principles behind these problems are unchanged, so as long as the foundation is solid, you can solve it.

Imagine knocking out the question bank that others have written. I don’t understand what BGP is. I know how many commands are useful? First of all, we must understand that BGP is actually a TCP-based application. BGP also has the characteristics of other applications. In addition, BGP has features that others do not have, has its own state machine, and can insert routing tables into the routing table. When inserting the routing table, the original routing table that you rely on is pushed out of the routing table. Can BGP use its own routing table to route BGP packets? No!

​The above is just an example, you can quickly get the certification with right CCIE DC 400 151 Dumps. Learn to lay a solid foundation, rely on a solid foundation to deeply study advanced content, encounter difficult problems, capture packet analysis, leave no dead ends, and slowly accumulate, you will be surprised to find that you can solve many problem.