What is RFID key fob?

RFID key fob is a smart RFID tag keychain. The passive RFID Key Tag can be used in a wide range of rfid key fob systems and access control applications, such as hospitals, shared residences, shops, hotels, government offices, etc.

The RFID fobs are made of ABS-material and contain RFID chips and a copper coil. If you would like to custom key fob shell, the PC rfid fob, silicone rfid fob and leather key fob are the best choices.  The PC material is more durable than ABS material, silicone material is soft.

RFID tag keychain with different RFID chips and different reading distances. Almost as important is the design. There are RFID key fob types:

plastic key fobs

plastic key fobs are made of laminated PVC material and a printed logo. It is a small PVC card but in key fob shapes, you will like the slim, thin design.

key shaped business cards

Usually, the business cards are the same size as the credit card, but if you use the NFC business cards, then you don’t need to take many business cards, as one NFC business card is enough.

In order to carry it, the key-shaped business cards in small design and easy to hang and carry.

RFID leather key fob

Want to take RFID fob to a new level? Opt for a luxurious RFID leather key fob(PU material or vegan leather material), custom leather key fob with your company’s logo as a powerful brand-awareness tool. It looks and feels of high-quality RFID leather key fobs with your company logo will give your business stand out to customers and shareholders for all the right reasons.

rfid tag manufacturers have a range of top quality personalized RFID key fobs at competitive prices.

RFID plastic hotel key fobs

RFID plastic hotel key fobs with RFID technology provides the best protection against misuse.

RFID plastic hotel key fobs use for guest management systems in hotels. it also  can be used to grant the holder access to facilities beyond the hotel room, such as restaurants, gyms, pools, laundry, conference rooms, and any other amenity that requires secure access in the building.

RFID plastic hotel key fobs are used with rfid fob reader installed on each door lock and can be programmed to open specific doors in defined time periods.

Different kinds of smart key fob with a sealed RFID chip inside.

The RFID chips are MIFARE® 1k, MIFARE® ultralight, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, ICode or LEGIC. Based on your rfid key fob system, you can choose a single RFID chip or hybrid chips in the  RFID key. An alternative form is RFID-wristbands. Here, as well as for keyfobs, there is no power supply necessary.

Mifare 1k fob or  Mifare key card is a common RFID key, Mifare ultralight key fob with less memory than Mifare keychain, but more expensive.

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You can design your own key fob and the smart key reader.

the LF/HF /UHF RFID  tag enables automate check-in or check-out procedures for access control application.

Therefore, rfid fob is a secure and good method to limit privilege access. And it can be customized in different colors, as well as custom logo printing and serial number printing.

RFID key fobs are a great tool for employee identification, time tracking, access control and visitor management. Custom rfid key fob here in different colors and with printing. Those proximity fobs are sturdy and applicable for various things.

rfid key fob with a high-security RFID chip inside,

custom key fob shell nearly indestructible, warp-resistant, water-proof, dustproof, stable casing, and easy handling.

RFID key fob with quick data transfer and long read distance.

They are a good ideal for customer loyalty and advertising.

RFID key fobs are applicable for:

RFID key fobs for access control

RFID key fobs for time tracking

RFID key fobs for data capture

RFID key fobs for automating applications

RFID key fobs for driving licenses, ticketing

RFID key fobs for theme parks, sports clubs, public baths

RFID key fobs for canteens

RFID key fobs for refueling

RFID key fobs for car wash

RFID key fobs for ski ticketing