What is Opp Bag Package?

Opp is the abbreviation of bopp, opp bag package is stretchable polypropylene, which belongs to plastic. It is actually a plastic bag, which can be seen everywhere in the market. Most of the transparent packaging bags are made of opp material. Convenient, good performance and versatile.

Opp bag package properties: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, dull appearance, milky white waxy particles, density of about 0.920g / cm3 melting point 130 °C ~ 145 °C. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in hydrocarbons, toluene, etc. It has low water absorption and can maintain softness and high electrical insulation at low temperatures.

What is Opp bag package

five advantages:

1. anti-fogging

The use of anti-fog material greatly reduces the field of view blocking rate, can clearly observe the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and increase the visual beauty to further increase the product sales rate.

2. food grade

Food grade materials that can be in direct contact with food; Grade A, good flatness and gloss.

3. breathable design

The double-sided venting hole design allows the fruits and vegetables to breathe freely, thus prolonging the freshness.

4. customizable color logo

We have a professional design team to support your customization and highlight the storefront features.

5. explosion-proof edge process

The side seal is designed with a single heat sealing process, and the 5mm self-adhesive is firm and durable.

Food Grade Opp Bag Package Wholesale

Opp bag package has the characteristics of high transparency and brittleness. The OPP single piece is folded in half and the side is sealed. A self-adhesive seal is adhered to the open tongue. When used, the product is peeled off to protect the skin on the surface of the seal, and the tongue is folded and folded. It can be used conveniently, beautifully and widely used in clothing, food, printing stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. Opp bag packageof different sizes and different processes can also be customized according to customer needs.

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