What is hard glasses case?

Hard glasses case is one of the most popular glasses case in the world, This type of spectacle case can effectively protect the spectacle frame from being squeezed and deformed, and protect the lens from wear and tear. also it usually have a competitive price.
I will talk about the characteristics of the hard glasses case from the following five aspects.

Hard glasses case indestructible


About the materials,this kind of glasses case is usually made by iron as the body inside, and PU leather or PVC covered outside with PS flocking inside. The outer material is usually glued to the iron cover. Therefore, eco-friendly indicators have become an important criterion for judging whether this glasses case is good or bad. Some standard like California 65 ,REACH has become more and more popular in the world when people import hard glasses case.

hard glasses case materials


The author of this article has written about 8 major glasses cases in the world before, There is no doubt that the hard glasses case is like its name, It is the most indestructible of the eight glasses cases we mentioned before. Usually the eyeglass inside will not damaged after we throw down the hard glasses case from the 10th floor, The main reason to ensure that it is the strongest hard eyeglass case is because its main material is steel.

hard sunglasses case soundness


About the price, I can only say that the price is competitive, or we can say the hard glasses case is almostly cheap, usually the price is around 0.4-0.8usd/psc, The main factors for the difference in price include the size and surface material quality. Usually the bigger is for sunglasses, so we called it hard sunglasses case, but about the materials, it is really hard to say, the only thing I can tell is the more expensive of the materials, the longer time it stays.

cheap hard glasses case


If you want have a fashionable glasses case, the hard glasses case is the first choice I think, maybe leather glasses case would be, but I can tell you there are many fashionable hard glasses case in the market, There are some hard glasses case have stunning shapes and very design patterns. After all, this kind of glasses case is one of the most commonly used case in the world. So its continuous innovation is also an inevitable.

fashion beautiful hard glasses case


When we talking about the delivery for the hard glasses case, I think it is probably the most troublesome of all kinds of glasses cases. Because this hard case has a very heavy mass and a larger size than the eyeglasses, but its price is cheap, so in many cases, if the hard glasses case are transported as a single products, it will lose the freight that does not match its price. Therefore, the author recommends that the wholesalers of eyeglass can transport the hard glasses case to the eyeglass supplier and package them together, it will save a lot of shipping costs.

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