What happened to Dong Mingzhu’s 5G bus?How Dong Mingzhu made 5G buses

The once controversial Dong Mingzhu’s subsidiary Yinlong New Energy officially announced that 5G buses will be officially put into trial operation, allowing people to enjoy 5G networks on 5G buses without using 5G mobile phones.

Recently, the 5G bus made by Yinlong New Energy appeared on the urban express bus line in Songshan New District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. It is reported that Yinlong 5G bus has a dazzling appearance and was once known as a dolphin bus, because its appearance is a streamlined design, but this is nothing. The most distinctive feature of 5G bus is that it provides 5G WiFi on the bus. , Passengers can enjoy the speed of 5G network through WiFi even if they do not have a 5G mobile phone, without worrying about network delays and freezes.

According to the disclosed information, Yinlong 5G bus is 18 meters long, quite sci-fi, and has a dynamic and streamlined appearance. It is known as a dolphin bus. It is reported that Zhuhai Yinlong masters the core technology of lithium titanate battery. Lithium titanate battery has significant comparative advantages in the field of fixed-line new energy vehicles and energy storage applications. It has 6-minute fast charging, wide temperature resistance, and 30-year cycle life. , no fire and no explosion and other excellent characteristics, which is obviously superior to traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of economy.

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