Waylay Announces Digital Twin at Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Waylay announced today that it has launched the Waylay Digital Twin app on the Salesforce AppExchange, providing visibility into the data and performance of connected assets and enabling customers to ride the wave of digital transformation and servitization.

Waylay Digital Twin is a SaaS application for Salesforce business users that bridges the IoT/OT world and Salesforce. Behind the scenes, it leverages the ultra-scalable and high-performance Waylay PaaS automation and analytics technology.

Waylay Digital Twin

The Waylay Digital Twin app enhances IoT asset monitoring and analytics. The app creates digital twins that bind Twins Salesforce assets to physical assets and analyzes real-time IoT data streams. A native and intuitive no-code interface brings the power of IoT to users. Waylay Digital Twin is compatible with AWS and AZURE based IoT solutions.

The Waylay Digital Twin can view active asset status and allow business processes to be triggered through configurable Salesforce processes. The application enables new value-added use cases such as asset usage and resource depletion monitoring to trigger sales opportunities, asset uptime monitoring and SLA verification, conditional maintenance scheduling, alert escalation for efficient staff scheduling, and call center agents Started asset telemetry diagnostics. These benefits are available to Salesforce admins as well as teams that can increase productivity through instant IoT visibility, such as field technicians, call center agents, and domain experts.

Piet Vandaele, President of Strategic Partnerships at Waylay, said: “Waylay Digital Twin enables users to gain real-time visibility and status information of assets from within Salesforce. This increases efficiency and unlocks new use cases such as condition-based predictive maintenance, improved First-time repairs, parts upsells, and servitization of business models. In short, the Waylay Digital Twin puts business users at the wheel of their IoT data journey.”

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