Use Of Iron Zinc Alloy And Copper Iron Zinc Alloy

Performance and characteristics of alkaline zinc iron alloy brightener:

  1. Suitable for alkaline low-iron zinc-iron alloy process, the iron content of the coating is 0.3~0.8%;
  2. The coating is meticulously crystallized and the brightness is white;
  3. The alloy coating is easy to passivate, and the corrosion resistance of the alloy coating after passivation is more than three times that of the passivation of the zinc layer;
  4. The plating solution is stable and easy to maintain, and can be hung or barreled (including automatic line);
  5. The cost is relatively low, and it can be made by using the original equipment to transfer the original zincate galvanizing solution to the tank.

Surface structure Type of coating Characteristics
Zero zinc flower n z uses a special production process to make the coating surface free of zinc flower visible to the naked eye.
Zinc-iron alloy The coating is a zinc-iron alloy layer, without zinc flower, generally dull.

Its alloys have many valuable physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, such as high strength and toughness, excellent corrosion resistance, good electrical vacuum performance, and ferromagnetism.
Through alloying, high-temperature alloys or superalloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, high-resistance alloys, electric vacuum alloys and other materials with special properties can be made.
Widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, electrical engineering, machinery, chemical industry, electroplating and other industrial sectors.