UPS uninterruptible power supply: uninterruptible power cutover process and steps

In power cutover, for dual power supply equipment, the method of power cutover can be adopted; however, when single power supply equipment is encountered, and the equipment is very important, interruption of cutover is not allowed, and the process of uninterrupted power cutover is often required.

1. UPS uninterruptible power supply – uninterruptible power cutover process

In power cutover, for dual power supply equipment, the method of power cutover can be used; however, when single power supply equipment is encountered, and the equipment is very important, interruption of cutover is not allowed. The steps are shown as follows:

UPS uninterruptible power supply: uninterruptible power cutover process and steps

UPS uninterruptible power supply C uninterruptible power cutover

Reference steps:

1. Build a new UPS system, complete the new system debugging and battery capacity test.

2. Lay out temporary cables, from the new UPS output screen to the power head cabinet to be cut and the bypass switch of the old input screen. After confirming that there is no error, send power to the cable.

3. After the test power supply is normal, turn off the Inverter of the old UPS system, and confirm that the old UPS system is working in bypass mode. At this time, the power supply of the old UPS system and the power supply of the new UPS system are from the same source (the output is from the new UPS system).

4. Close the output of the main circuit of the new UPS, test the voltage of the upper and lower terminals of the standby air switch of the main circuit of the head cabinet, and perform the phase check operation (measure the voltage difference between the upper and lower pile heads of the standby switch on the main side, the principle is less than 1V). After confirmation, the main circuit can be closed first. The standby switch on the side, confirm the current, and then turn off the main switch on the main side.

5. Remove the main cable from the old UPS to the first cabinet.

6. In the same way, cut over the backup power supply.

7. After the cutover is completed, remove the temporary cables and old cables.

8. Mark the air switch and cable well.

Note: Considering the different battery configurations among different UPS systems, and considering that the battery update cycle in the UPS system is short, generally, the UPS update is performed synchronously with the battery update, so the battery cutover steps are generally not considered during the UPS cutover process.

2. Basic principles of cutover

1. The principle of unimpeded network security

The online power system cutover project must be based on the principle of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment on the network and the safety and smooth flow of the entire network. Any operation that endangers the security of the communication network must be terminated unconditionally.

2. The principle of no failure of equipment

Before and during the on-line power system cutover project, it is necessary to ensure that the new and old equipment is in good condition. If there are any factors that may endanger the safe power supply, it must be terminated unconditionally, and can continue after the fault is eliminated.

3. The principle of low business risk

On the premise that the power supply is not allowed to be interrupted by the business, the cutover plan with on-line uninterrupted power supply shall be adopted; otherwise, the cutover plan shall be adopted after power failure;

Project cutover time should avoid business peaks, and major cutovers should be arranged at night;

The cutover date of the project should avoid major festivals, major communication guarantee tasks, and other professional arrangements for network adjustments and version upgrades;

4. The principle of qualification of construction personnel

Engineers who implement the online power system cutover project must be proficient in power equipment operation and engineering construction operations, familiar with the communication power system cutover process, and keep in mind the emergency plan.

The construction team that implements the cutover must have a construction certificate with the corresponding engineering level qualification;

5. The principle of whole-process supervision of the maintenance department

During the cutover process, the maintenance department shall arrange a special person to supervise the whole process, assist in the design survey of the cutover project, review the cutover plan and emergency plan, and supervise the implementation of the cutover.

6. Maintain the “one-vote veto” principle of the department

During the cutover project, the maintenance department has the right to exercise “one-vote veto” over the cutover work and terminate the cutover project for the major program defects and major construction safety hazards discovered.

3. UPS uninterruptible power supply cutover preparation

1. The new UPS system has completed the commissioning, battery full capacity test, and monitoring in place.

2. Lay out cables in advance and paste standard cable labels; when temporary cables are required, appropriate wire diameters must be selected, connected reliably, and clearly marked

3. According to the wiring position of the original power supply cable, write the cable number mark to ensure that the cable will not be confused during the disassembly and assembly process.

4. Confirm that the main and backup power modules of all dual power supply equipment are working normally, and the main and backup power supplies are separated.

5. Announce the cutover project in advance.

6. Confirm that relevant majors have made data backups for relevant businesses and have prepared emergency plans.

7. Fire-fighting equipment and safety and ambulance equipment are in place.

8. Wear and use personal protective equipment correctly, do not carry any metal objects and remove personal accessories that may cause unsafety (watches, work cards worn around the neck, etc.).

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