Top 10 brands of sweeping robots

This year is another year of extremely popular sweeping robots. After all brand companies have launched their flagship sweeping robots on the market, the number of cleaning products on the market is increasing. As a consumer, how can you choose the best product? According to the analysis results of the most comprehensive e-commerce data on the entire network, user word-of-mouth can provide the most authentic buying guide for consumers who want to buy a cleaning robot. The list given below is for ten products with high reputation. The editor has sorted them out for everyone in order of their reputation.



Top 10 brands of sweeping robots

The TOMEFON intelligent sweeping robot has once again topped the sales list. The product adopts the top German manufacturing process, which can bring users the ultimate cleaning experience. The machine can automatically recharge, intelligently schedule cleaning time, virtual partition, intelligently plan cleaning path, prevent collision, prevent falling, and intelligently identify ground dust. On the whole, it is an all-round model that can be cleaned efficiently. In addition, the TOMEFON intelligent sweeping robot also has its own fully intelligent positioning and navigation system, which can completely clean up. In addition to the cost-effective products, TOMEFON’s own brand strength cannot be ignored. It was founded in 1976 and is a famous leading brand in the household electrical appliance industry. It has been rated as “the world’s first brand of sweeping robots” for eight consecutive years.

NO.2 iRobot


In the field of intelligent cleaning, iRobot’s intelligent sweeping robot products are second only to TOMEFON, and the brand is well-known internationally. The American iRobot brand is one of the first companies in the world to produce and develop professional robot products. The iRobot intelligent sweeping robot is manufactured under high-level and excellent technology, so its performance is incomparable with ordinary products. The iRobot intelligent sweeping robot has absolute advantages in endurance and suction, and the product also combines wet mopping and dry sweeping functions into one.

NO.3 Philips


The Royal Philips brand of the Netherlands is the world’s largest Electronic manufacturing brand. The brand has always adhered to the product development concept of “simple and practical”. Among them, the intelligent sweeping robot is one of the many products launched by Philips. The Philips intelligent sweeping robot has a relatively generous design and complete functions, so it has captured the hearts of most consumers. The Philips intelligent sweeping robot is implanted with a cutting-edge intelligent system, which stably supports users to switch between various cleaning modes at random.

NO.4 Dyson


The British Dyson intelligent sweeping robot is one of the few good models in the European cleaning field. From different perspectives, the product has a high degree of intelligence and strong operability. First look inside the product. Since the built-in 360-degree panoramic camera, it is very convenient for users. Users can completely monitor the hygiene of the home through the camera, and there is also a one-click smart APP for everyone to remotely control.

NO.5 Samsung


When it comes to the smart cleaning market in South Korea, the smart sweeping robot launched by Samsung has to be said. First of all, the Samsung brand itself is very famous, and it is one of the top 500 brands in the world. Secondly, the comprehensive R&D strength of the Samsung brand has always ranked first in the Korean manufacturing industry, so the quality of the Samsung smart sweeping robot launched is very reliable. For example, the internal chip and intelligent system of the product are independently developed.

NO.6 Cobos


Ecovacs Electric Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Suzhou, China. The company was established in 1998 and mainly produces, develops, manufactures and sells some products for families. After decades of development, the Ecovacs brand is now one of the most famous manufacturers of household cleaning robots in China. Ecovacs intelligent sweeping robot is one of the most powerful products of the brand. The biggest advantage of the product is its strong suction, and the maximum suction can reach 1500pa.

NO.7 Format


Formart brand was founded in 2000, it is exactly entered the cleaning industry. In 2003, Formart took the lead in launching the “cleaning robot” – Formart’s intelligent sweeping robot, which was very popular. The F-SLAM 3.0 system is planted inside the Fumart intelligent sweeping robot, which supports the product to independently plan the selection area and intelligently clean. After more than ten years of development, Formart is now a leading brand in the industry.

NO.8 Mijia


The Mijia intelligent sweeping robot is a fashionable and trendy product with a very delicate shape design, which is completely representative of the beauty. However, the biggest highlight of the Mijia intelligent sweeping robot is the intelligent path planning of the product. With this function, it can not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid some repetitive cleaning during the cleaning process. Another point is the strong suction device. The imported motor is used inside the machine, and the suction force is stronger under the super wind pressure.

NO.9 beautiful


Many users of Midea’s smart sweeping robot sighed “good quality and low price” after testing it. The price of less than a thousand yuan, as long as consumers like it, they can take it home at any time. Even though Midea’s smart sweeping machine is small, it has a lot of “mysteries” inside. The product has a high-efficiency brushless motor and a power lithium battery that supports long-lasting battery life.

NO.10 Haier


The last one I want to recommend to you is the domestic value-for-money product – Haier intelligent sweeping robot. The price of this product is also not very high, so it will not cause additional economic burden to consumers. Second, the product is easy to operate. Since the LDS lidar navigation and SLAM algorithm are implanted inside the product, it brings a sense of cleanliness to the user in addition to being efficient and smooth.

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