TikTok Shares Insights Into Some of the Top Brand/Creator Partnerships on the Platform in 2021

TikTok has published a new listing of some of the top brand/creator partnerships of the year, via a new showcase that it’s calling its ‘Culture Driver List’.

Some familiar faces in there, no doubt.

As explained by TikTok:

“No platform has impacted culture more than TikTok in 2021, whose hyper-aware and engaged community skyrocketed to more than 1 billion users globally, providing brands with an unmatched opportunity. From Clinique’s #zithappens campaign (9.6B views) featuring creator Jasmine Sullivan to the #JifRapChallenge (6.9B views) featuring creator Chakira Clark, the list proves that with the right creative spark and collaboration, any brand – regardless of industry – is capable of creating a cultural phenomenon on TikTok.”

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The Culture Driver mini-site includes an overview of the featured creators and their marketing partners, as well as an ‘A to Z’ of TikTok trends.

Each letter of the alphabet has its own, 10-second clip, which aims to highlight a specific element that drives engagement in the app. Which are not overly insightful in themselves, but the overall listing does provide some good pointers as to how you can align your content strategy, and formulate a more effective TikTok marketing approach.

The mini-site also includes a listing of top creators in a range of light-heartedly assigned categories:

Tapping through on any of these will bring up a profile of each creator/brand partnership, along with a link through to the relevant clips, which provides more insight into the specifics of each promotion, and how the creators approached it – which could further inform your own approach.

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There are some interesting insights here, and if you’re looking to tap into TikTok for your marketing efforts, it’s worth taking a look, and seeing how other businesses have been successful with their TikTok tie-in campaigns.