Those Metal Parts Produced by Stamping Refer to SIPXMACH’s Past Stamping Works

The development of industry has driven the improvement of living standards, making our daily life more and more relaxed, convenient and comfortable.

And in our daily life, most of the common items are inseparable from metal parts, especially plate-like thin metal.This kind of sheet metal is usually made by stamping process.

Now, let’s take a look at which items have metal parts that are stamped products.

High strength automobile blanking in sheet metal service

1 Automobile stamping parts mainly includes:

Electronic pieces

2 Electronic stamping parts mainly include:

  • Connecting devices
  • Connectors
  • Brush parts
  • Electrical terminals
  • Elastic parts
stamping aluminum appliance parts

3 Home appliance components mainly include:

  • Electrical components, such as color tube gun parts,
  • Small household appliance parts, all kinds of structural and functional parts,
Copper stamping electrical elements

4 IC lead frame mainly includes:

  • Discrete device lead frame
  • Lead frame

5 Motor core mainly includes:

  • Single-phase series motor core
  • Single-phase domestic motor core
  • Single-phase covered pole motor core
  • Permanent magnet dc motor core
  • Industrial motor core
  • Mold stator core

6 Transformer stamping parts mainly include:

  • E-type transformer core
  • EI transformer core
  • I transformer core
  • Other transformer iron chips
  • Etc.

7 Heat exchanger fins mainly include:

  • Industrial heat exchanger fin
  • Domestic heat exchanger fin
  • Automobile heat exchanger fin

8 Other stamping parts mainly include:

  • Instrument parts
  • IT parts
  • Acoustic and video components
  • Modern office parts
  • And daily hardware

Sipxmach is a core stamping manufacturer in inland China, manufacturing thousands of high quality stamping parts for China and internationally for over 10 years. If appropriate sheet metal parts are available, SipxMach is always eager to help solve all problems from conception to design to production.

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