The Sixth Institute of Electronics is selected as the first batch of 2020 Industrial Internet Industry Alliance laboratories list

On June 20, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance announced the list of the 2020 Industrial Internet Industry Alliance Labs (the first batch), and the Sixth Research Institute of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Electronics Six”) declared The “Industrial Internet Security Testing Technology Research Laboratory” was finally selected after three rounds of review by experts, including preliminary review, re-review and final review.

The Six Electronic Research Institute was approved as an industrial Internet security assessment and evaluation agency in August 2019. The successful application this time is conducive to the in-depth integration of resources in the industrial Internet field.Promote the formation of a good situation from in-depth research to breakthrough innovation to horizontal extension of the Six Electronics Institute, improve the three capabilities of “discoverable, preventable, and verifiable”, build the core competitiveness of industrial Internet security testing, and consolidate the industrial control system and the national security team status.

The Sixth Institute of Electronics is selected as the first batch of 2020 Industrial Internet Industry Alliance laboratories list

In recent years, the Six Electronics Research Institute has actively promoted the innovation work of group companies, centered on the industrial control security system, implemented the strategy of “closing the back door, plugging loopholes, preventing supply interruption”, expanding the connotation and extension of the “PKS” system, and relying on the national engineering laboratory platform to build A multi-level basic service system covering equipment security, control security, network security, data security, application security, and management security will enhance my country’s industrial Internet network security protection capabilities.

The solicitation of laboratories of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance is to implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping on promoting the accelerated development of the industrial Internet, and to deepen the implementation of the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing” Development of the Industrial Internet” and other countries In the context of the policy, there are a total of five reporting directions, namely, network, logo, platform, security, and industry. Application units include communication operators, communication equipment suppliers, scientific research institutes and universities, etc.

2020 Industrial Internet Industry Alliance Lab (first batch)

Draft list


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance was jointly initiated and established on February 1, 2016 by more than 100 units in the fields of industry, information and communications, and the Internet. Work has been carried out in various aspects including industrial Internet top-level design, technology research and development, standard development, industrial practice, international cooperation, and a series of achievements such as industrial Internet white papers have been released to provide intellectual support for government decision-making and industrial development. The alliance has become my country’s The industrial Internet industry ecological carrier with international influence.

 As a member unit of the alliance, with the strong support of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., the Sixth Institute of Electronics strives to give full play to the advantages of the institute’s technical personnel and devote itself to the development of the industrial Internet industry, in order to accelerate the advancement of new technologies, new models, and new formats of industrial Internet research. , Test verification and achievement transformation to make their own contributions.

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