The new AURORA shines on the market ALIENWARE releases new flagship desktop to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary

Recap history

Let’s travel through the gate of time and space together and go back to October 15, 1996. At the time, there were no real PC gamers on the market, and hits like Doom (1993), Civilization II (1996), and Quake (1996) had attracted a lot of attention. Game fans and computer professionals who are obsessed with early PC gaming experience.


The new AURORA shines on the market ALIENWARE releases new flagship desktop to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary

In a garage near Miami, a pair of old friends buried their heads in boxes of loose components, rummaging around the clock, trying to fit the selected components into a beige rectangular PC case (by today’s standards). It looks like an antique), almost like mad scientists trying to perfect their secret formula. Few have ever set foot in this DIY “assembly workshop”, which is off-limits to protect the integrity of the project, just like the famous and mysterious military base in the Nevada desert. It was here that a new daredevil company was founded on October 15, 1996, with a vision to create high-performance custom gaming computers for gamers around the world. Now, ALIENWARE is about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand’s founding, and on this occasion, we will announce a major achievement as a gift.

ALIENWARE AURORA, our flagship desktop, pioneered liquid cooling technology and became a symbol of innovation when it first came out in 2004 (then called Aurora ALX), and has since become the mid-tower of choice for the world’s top esports players in high-stakes, top-tier events Desktop. Now, this computer once again uses the power of innovation to transform into the latest look: the fully remodeled and upgraded Alienware AURORA debuts, bringing the peak Alienware desktop experience.


Picture description: The detailed internal wiring reduces the internal airflow obstruction and also makes the internal visual effect more beautiful.

form follows function

In 2021, we’ve made some drastic upgrades to the Alienware lineup, including the launch of the world’s first gaming laptop designed in partnership with CHERRY MX, and the release of the new X-Series, Alienware’s thinnest 15-inch and 17-inch laptop. Seeing how we’ve revamped our laptop portfolio so much, you’re naturally wondering what the future holds for the beloved ALIENWARE AURORA desktop. Don’t bother guessing, we’ll give you the answer.

While you may have seen the product photos and noticed some noticeable cosmetic improvements, we wanted to take you through the design journey of the all-new Alienware AURORA. From the very beginning, the design of this desktop has been a “re-creation” from the inside out, and the reason is simply that the ALIENWARE desktop was born out of customer feedback. The new ALIENWARE AURORA adopts an open design for the first time, which reorganizes the internal components to facilitate the operation inside the chassis, optimize airflow, reduce noise, improve cable management, that is, do everything possible to optimize the player’s gaming experience.

This new open design expands the internal volume of the case by as much as 50% without significantly increasing the overall footprint of the case. It results in more efficient airflow and better noise reduction for a more enjoyable gaming experience for gamers. At the same time, the performance of the graphics card has also increased by 5%.


Thoughtful cooling design and stunning silent performance

Let’s take a look at airflow first, because freeing up so much chassis space is great, but that doesn’t in itself mean better airflow. At this time, it is the turn of the powerful new cooling design to show its prowess. With support for up to four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options, the new AURORA takes full advantage of the open design to improve cooling, keeping your computer cool during the most intense gaming sessions.


Image caption: The Alienware Aurora comes standard with two 120mm fans (one front intake fan and one rear exhaust fan), with a third and/or fourth 120mm fan pre-installed on the high-performance configuration as a second front intake fan and top exhaust fan).

AURORA responds to user calls for improved airflow efficiency, drawing in cool air through honeycomb ventilation ducts on the front of the desktop, allowing it to flow through the motherboard and performance components, and then exiting the back of the case.

We’ve mentioned the acoustic improvements a few times before, but after learning about the significant improvements we’ve made to the cooling architecture, you might think it seems a little too hard to believe. So how exactly do we do it? One of the reasons we’re able to achieve acoustic improvements is because the case is bigger, but there’s another reason that seems counterintuitive: more fans working efficiently not only help keep the desktop cooler, but also make the case run quieter. Compared to the previous generation, the next-generation AURORA delivers up to 16% lower noise levels in standby, up to 9% lower noise levels during CPU-intensive tasks, and up to 15% lower during overclocking. For gamers, this means that in quiet character dialogue and other peaceful scenes, they can focus on what’s on the screen without being disturbed by the “muffled symphony” coming from the chassis.

same on the outside

Now let’s turn our attention to the outside of the case and see how our “inside-out” design journey has come to an end. The all-new AURORA captures the beauty of a 360-degree design with expressive curves and iconic three-dimensional shapes, stunning from any angle, and is available in “Stars (White)” and “Dark Side of the Moon (Black)”. for selection.


For the first time, ALIENWARE offers an optional transparent left side panel, through which players can peer into the intricate structure of the chassis and marvel at how the dark new motherboard shines under up to eight AlienFX™ customizable lighting zones color. Another new addition is the magnetic cable cover, which neatly organizes cables and hides ports on the back of the case. (Fun tip: We designed this cable cover with this in mind: eSports broadcast footage often captures the back of the case.)

From front to back, this mighty machine is meticulously crafted to look equally flawless from any angle. Finally, users can also remove the door on the right side of the new chassis and use the cable management feature to mechanically and thermally isolate the wires from critical airflow areas. These features combine to create the most in-cabin ALIENWARE desktop yet, with tool-free access to the inside of the case from every angle.

Performance parameters to be announced later

As the originator of the gaming PC, Alienware’s celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary has just begun. Specifications, pricing and availability of the all-new AURORA will be released later this fall! Stay tuned!


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