The Importance of Sealing the Pet Food Pouches

As people’s material life has gradually increased, the number of pet-raising families has gradually increased, and pets have gradually become one of the important members of the family. The development of pet food industry and pet food pouches has been promoted.

The pet’s food is the same as our daily food, and it also has the quality and safety requirements of the product. Pet food has the same shelf life requirement. During the shelf life, pet food should be guaranteed not to deteriorate, taste, and lose nutrients.

The importance of sealing the pet food pouches

Pet food generally contains protein, fat, amino acids, minerals, crude fiber, vitamins and other ingredients, which also provide good breeding conditions for microorganisms. Therefore, to ensure the nutritional value of dog food, it is necessary to inhibit the activity of microorganisms.

The three elements that microbes depend on for survival: ambient temperature, oxygen and moisture. During shelf life, the oxygen and moisture content of the package is more dependent on the integrity and barrier properties of the pet food pouches. Among them, the perfect packaging has the most direct impact on the shelf life.

At present, the common pet food pouches on the market are plastic flexible packaging, composite plastic packaging, octagonal sealing packaging bags, medium-sealed organbags, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging and tinplate packaging cans. The most commonly used ones are zippered self-supporting composite plastics. Flexible packaging and aluminum plastic packaging. The composite structure can effectively improve the overall force and barrier performance of the package.

The importance of sealing the pet food pouches

If the peeling strength is too low, the composite quality is poor, and the packaging bag cannot achieve the quality of the multi-layer material dispersing force and the barrier property. The packaging is easily broken and the barrier performance is lower than expected. The heat seal strength represents the strength of the package closure. If the heat seal strength is too low, the seal cracking and the pet food are easily scattered during the handling process, and the pet food is in contact with oxygen and moisture in the air, and the food is easily mildewed.

From this point of view, the overall tightness of the pet food pouches is very important. If the packaging is incomplete, undoubtedly under the action of oxygen and moisture in the air, the pet food is prone to mold and deterioration, and the nutrients will be lost. When consumers buy food for their own pets, they must carefully check whether the pet food pouches is complete and has no leaks.

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