The Experience of Microsoft MTA Exam

The Adaptive test is the most theoretical basis. It is a more advanced test method. From the introduction above, it can be seen that it can distinguish the specific level of each candidate in detail, but in my personal opinion, its passing line should be set at 600 points or more. Instead of the current 550 to 600, because if the results of all candidates are normal distribution statistics, the most densely distributed area should be around 600, Microsoft 70 745 Dumps and the average certification exam score should be set at the apex of the distribution curve.

On the right, it means that fewer people can pass to maintain the validity and authority of this Microsoft 70 413 Dumps. And Microsoft just set it to the left of the apex, let more people pass. Who knows what Microsoft thinks, maybe it thinks that all those who come for the exam are masters. Even this can not be taken lightly, because Adaptive has its own characteristics, because it has problems and simple questions, and the difference between the most difficult and simple questions scores. If there is an error in the problem, even if the latter simple problem If you do it right, the score you lost may still be as high as seven or eighty (including the points you lost when you made a mistake and the simple question scores are smaller than the average score).

It is gratifying that this kind of adaptive test is more considerate to the test taker. If you cannot pass the test at the end, it will give you another chance. I didn’t mention that it has 25 to 35 questions, but many people who have tested adaptive will say that he only did 25 questions. Yes, that’s because he has achieved the required score after doing 25 questions, so he didn’t ask again. If you still do not score enough after 25 questions, 26, 27 will appear … But the rules are different at this time. Some are like the “Sudden Death Method” in football overtime, which means that you must Do it right, if the score reaches the standard after passing Microsoft 70 414 Dumps, even if it is not enough, do the next question. If you make a mistake, you will be immediately out of the game. You can only sigh that the expensive examination fee is gone forever. However, if you do too poorly in the front, you will not be out of the 26 questions. It’s right to think about it. It’s impossible for a person who has made such a bad mistake in front of me to do a good question.

In fact, the passing score of the adaptive test is inherently low, even if it is not enough, only one question is required, so you must be careful when you do the 26th question, this is the question that determines fate.

Now let ’s talk about the Microsoft 70 537 Dumps in the certification exams. If you are exposed to these test questions for the first time, you will strongly feel that they are very different from our previous exams, that is, the questions are very flexible. It can be said that if you have previously tested the Internet, You do n’t know anything about computers, and then after you read the Microsoft textbooks, you will find that this textbook is useless at all and there is no question mentioned in the textbook. Actually, otherwise, I think this book is the best textbook. If you study it carefully, you will find that there is no shortage of knowledge in the design of the exam, but it is distributed throughout the book. You must combine these things to make the exam questions. It is tantamount to giving people a net, not giving a fish.

This is in line with the old American habit. What they most despise is the rote test (test one ’s memory), and they value test one ’s ability more. So in addition to the regular questions, there are three special types of questions, drag-and-drop questions, scenario analysis questions, and console simulation questions.

Drag and drop as the name implies, the operation is like dragging and dropping an icon in Windows. Press and hold the left mouse button on the icon that needs to be dragged, move it to a specified position, and release the left button to place it at the specified position. This method mainly uses a graphical interface to test the candidate’s ability to organize a solution or solve a practical problem using the Microsoft AZ 103 Dumps they have learned. Drag the question to express the network structure, design scheme and various network components with the familiar shapes and symbols of objects in actual work to make the exam more practical.

At the same time, due to the use of a graphical interface, various components are represented graphically. In Microsoft’s own words, the purpose of this is to make the candidates need not memorize. The most typical example of this type of question is to give a composition diagram of the network. Among the components to be selected are terminators, bridges, routers, coaxial cables and the like. Drag these things to the corresponding place in the composition chart as needed.