The difference between leather glasses case and other glasses case

The difference between leather glasses case and other glasses case

The leather glasses case is a new type of glasses case, and it is also a very classical glasses case. In fact, the original glasses case is made by leather. Others such as some of hard eyeglass cases are also made by leather while on production. So why they can’t be called as leather glasses cases? I think there are many reasons, the most likely reason I think maybe because the hard glasses case is heavy, and the leather glasses case is lighter.

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First of all, what is the difference in price, is the lighter glasses cases are cheaper?  for example, plastic glasses case is cheaper than iron-made glasses case, glasses pouch is cheaper than general glasses case, but leather glasses case is an exception, because there are a lot of processes in the production process that the machine can’t do in glasses case manufacturers, so there are more manual operations, which is one of the biggest reasons for its high price.

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Secondly, what are the differences in material selection? The choice of leather glasses case are similar to traditional hard glasses case. The similar point is both of them have the possibility to choose PU leather and flannel as the substrate, but different point is that traditional hard glasses cases cannot be made with genuine leather, but leather glasses cases can do this. Due to the irregularity of the dermis, it is difficult to cut, and it is often necessary to manually cut, and the leather is often thicker than ordinary PU leather, so it is difficult to form directly on the hard glasses case, and it is difficult to form. The leather is not so difficult to make a leather case. Because the leather case requires an irregular piece of leather, it looks more upscale.

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What is the difference about functions to the normal hard eyeglass case? I think the main points are as follows. First, the actual capacity of the leather sunglasses case is usually slightly larger than that of the hard glasses case, so it is suitable for the larger sunglasses after folding; secondly, the pressure resistance of the leather glasses case is not as good as that of the traditional hard eyeglass case. So it can’t be placed at the bottom of the backpack and some other places that are vulnerable to impact; again because the leather glasses case is more fashionable and lighter, so it is suitable for higher-end occasions and easy to carry-on, while the traditional features are not, the role the troditional hard case was usually to be the grave of the eyeglass.

The author summarizes these differences. If you have any additional ones, please feel free to contact the me, I’m looking forward to your views.

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