The difference between flexible roll film and packaging bag

The difference between flexible roll film and packaging bag

Difference in meaning

In the packaging bag industry, flexible roll film is divided into two meanings. One refers to the flexible roll film of the raw material of the packaging bag, which is made of a single layer of material, such as CPP, PE, PET, OPP, kraft paper, aluminum foil, etc. Film, the other is the roll film after the printing of the packaging bag. The raw material is printed, compounded, and rolled up. It is called composite film or printed flexible roll film. It is the previous process of making packaging bags. It is often used for small packaging. Such as candy, coffee powder and so on.

Business difference

1.Manufacturers of single-layer flexible roll film can only produce transparent plastic films, and cannot directly produce packaging bags. They belong to the upstream of packaging bag manufacturers and are the raw materials of packaging bags.

2.The compound (printed) roll film manufacturer is a series of production and processing of transparent and non-printed flexible roll film to produce (printed) roll film. On this basis, a bag making process is added to produce A variety of composite packaging bags, including snack food packaging bags, rice bags, tea bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, high-temperature cooking bags, mask packaging bags and so on.