The Development Trend of Standing Pouch Packaging

Standing pouch packaging is a form of packaging with a horizontal structure at the bottom that stands on its own. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging, industrial packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging and so on.

An important reason why the self-supporting bag can quickly become popular is that it meets the consumer psychology and consumer requirements. Standing pouch packaging is small and exquisite, easy to carry, does not occupy space, is light and easy to carry, does not want to bottle and cans, and takes up a large amount of space. Therefore, stand-up pouches often replace the packaging form of plastic bottles and cans.

The development trend of standing pouch packaging

Stand-up pouches are a popular late-package based on food protection, improving product appeal, and promoting product sales. This will indicate that standing pouch packaging will be more widely used in the future as they are adapted to different applications. Stand-up pouches are mainly used to package liquid or paste products. Stand-up pouches are a real threat to bottles and cans. Multiple growth factors (reported to exceed $33 billion by 2020) indicate that their use as packaging technology will have a positive impact on our lives.

The advantages of standing pouch packaging are mainly in the following aspects: the bag is lighter and takes up less storage space; they provide a larger printing area, increase brand awareness, and can be used as a high-barrier container to store perishable food. Or convenient to store ready-to-eat food. The use of accessories such as resealable zippers or nozzles has even broadened the potential of their applications. The conventional composite structure, that is, a thick PE film composed of a laminate, is bonded to a back-faced BOPET or POPA substrate.

The development trend of standing pouch packaging

The good news about stand-up pouch packaging is that the new trend is that the current different specifications of polyethylene in the chemical industry can be completely recycled.

Stand-up pouch packaging is considered to be the most widely used form of packaging compared to other packaging containers. Self-supporting bags in soft plastic containers are very convenient for shoppers: there will be no squeaking of bottles and cans, shopping bags will not be broken by hard packaging, and the requirements for convenience are almost crazy. Etc., making stand-up pouches are considered the best packaging solution to solve these problems. The current standing pouch packaging technology can already achieve many dreams, which is a perfect market opportunity for soft plastic manufacturers.

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