The development of the industrial computer industry in the era of intelligence will usher in a new upgrade

The development of computer, communication and network technology has brought great changes to people’s life and work style. The arrival of the information age has not only allowed people to communicate information at any time, anywhere, and freely, but also greatly enhanced the ability of information exchange. Timeliness and accuracy. The industrial application of the above three technologies has changed the industrial production and management methods, opening up a new industrial era of automated production, intelligent control and information management.

Among them, the realization of industrial intelligent control mainly depends on the industrial control computer, which is a computer specially designed for industrial control. The original role of the industrial computer was to assist the measurement, control and management of the industrial production process, but with the advancement of technology and the development of the industry, in today’s intelligent era spawned by “Made in China 2025”, the significance of the industrial computer has gone beyond The original simple industrial computer.

As one of the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computers have undergone some new upgrades and changes in terms of product technology, service and industrial development, and their roles and tasks in the intelligent era are changing. become increasingly important.

With the arrival of a new stage of development, there is no doubt that new requirements in terms of intelligence, digitization, and informatization have also been put forward for industrial computer products and technologies. Industry insiders generally believe that the development of the new era dominated by intelligent manufacturing is characterized by the integration of a large number of computers, communication and control technologies to form a new intelligent development system, and the industrial computer is at the key position of this intelligent system. .


Therefore, with the high integration of various technologies in the intelligent system, the technology and products of industrial computers will also usher in upgrades and changes. In the future, IPC will break through the existing technical architecture, and form a new generation of IPC products with a more open system architecture, higher integration, modular functions and intelligent machines, which will serve as the basis for the intelligent development of the entire Industry 4.0. System construction provides important support.

At present, the intelligent, digital and informatization upgrade of industrial computers in the new era is still in progress, and it will take a long period of hard work and efforts to finally realize the achievements that are not overnight. However, the upgrade process is not without turbulence and immutability. At least in some aspects, the development of industrial computers has shown many changes extended by the upgrading of technical products.

One of the more obvious is the change of service model. In the traditional manufacturing mode, the services provided by the industrial computer only include a single hardware product, and the enterprise can basically meet the demand only by guaranteeing the performance and quality of the product. However, with the entry into the era of intelligence, when industrial computer products and technologies usher in the upgrade of interconnection and interoperability, their service content has also ushered in changes. Customers are no longer satisfied with a single product, but prefer an overall solution centered on the industrial computer. Program.

Under such circumstances, the traditional service content of the industrial computer industry is changing from only focusing on hardware to both software and hardware, and the traditional service model has also begun to expand from a single product to an overall system solution.

In addition, the information security of industrial computer applications has also begun to attract attention. With the wide application of the Industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing has spawned new manufacturing models and emerging formats, and the old closed industrial control system has gradually opened up. The diversity and complexity of the industrial computer network environment has brought many security issues. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the industrial control system and protect the safety of production and data information, enterprises have also begun to pay more attention to the protection of industrial computer information security.

At this stage, promoting the intelligent, digital, and informatized development of industrial computer technology and products has become the main purpose. Accelerating the change of industrial service models and enhancing the protection of industrial control application information security have also become important manifestations of development. So, what will be the development trend of the industrial computer industry in the future?

In addition, in recent years, industrial computer manufacturers have begun to pay more and more attention to customer needs, providing customers with customized services and products, and continuously launching customized and specialized products that meet customer needs. It has become an important trend in the development of the industrial computer industry. Therefore, customization and specialization will be a major trend in the future development of the industrial computer industry, regardless of whether it is considered for customers or for industry applications.

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