The development of domestic CNC machine tools

In recent years, domestic CNC systems and machine tool accessories have made new improvements in performance and reliability. For example, the high-speed, heavy-load, and precision rolling functional components of Nanjing Process Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and Shandong Bot Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and the high-performance CNC system of Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. have filled the domestic gap.

China cnc machining companies have vigorously implemented technological innovation and have made great progress in product structure adjustment. In order to adapt to changes in market demand, many machine tool companies have compressed the production of low-end and ordinary products, accelerated the upgrading of economical CNC machine tools, and focused on the development of medium and high-grade CNC machine tools and production lines.

Despite this, China’s machine tool enterprises are still “big but not strong, small but not specialized.” The data shows that the import of machine tool parts continued to increase in 2009, which shows that domestic machine tool parts can not meet the requirements of the host industry. There is no real leading enterprise in China, the industry concentration is too low, and the quality of spare parts for small enterprises is low, and the gap in technology level is even greater.

It is for this reason that various regions have begun to show their efforts and jointly build a CNC machine tool industry cluster. I hope that this move can vigorously promote China’s machine tool industry and let us gradually enter the high-end machine tool industry.

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Based on its own development advantages, Yuhong District of Shenyang City proposed Shenyang International Special Machine Tool Equipment City with a planned construction area of ​​1.6 million square meters. It integrates the production of machine tools and functional parts, the production and processing of precision castings, and the display and sales of complete machines and functional parts. . It is estimated that by 2015, the comprehensive output of the entire machine tool city is expected to reach 100 billion yuan, and it will become an internationally competitive base for R & D, production and sales of special special CNC machine tools.


The forthcoming “Development Plan for High-end CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment Industry in the Development Zone” in Dalian proposed that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period in 2015, the development zone should be built into an industrial park for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment industry. The enterprise is the main body, and the technological innovation system combining production, education and research has cultivated and established a high-quality research and development team to form a complete industrial chain and industrial cluster.