Tencent’s “Pokémon Grand Rally​” won Google’s Best Game of the Year; “Hua Yishan Heart Moon” is the dark horse of the month | November Game Monthly

Tencent’s mobile games won the top three downloads in November and the top three in revenue; the game version number that has been suspended since August* has not been released today; “League of Legends Mobile Game” won the 2021 Golden Joystick Award *Best mobile game of the year; celadon game became this year* A game company that passed the listing hearing… What are the major events in the game circle in November  ? Review with the editor~

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The number of top 10 game rankings dropped slightly

In November, a total of 43 games have successively entered the Top 10 of the App Store free game list, and the number of apps on the list has decreased by 6 compared with the previous month.

There are a total of 6 games that have made it to the top 1 list of free games on a single day in November, an increase of 3 games compared to the previous month. Among them, the five mobile games, “Hua Yishan Heart Moon”, “Heart of Scarlet Stone”, “Eternal Tree”, “Wulin Xia Xia”, and “Eileen Poem” are all newly launched mobile games in November 2021, with a rapid momentum.

Judging from the game ranking competition in November, the phenomenon of game dominance is particularly obvious. “League of Legends Mobile Games” occupied the top 22 times in November . Moon” and “Heart of Scarlet Stone”. It is worth noting that, except for the “League of Legends Mobile Game” which has the largest number of top rankings, which was launched in October, the rest are all newly launched this month.

Game version number approval has not been restored

Qimai Research Institute observed that the official website of the Press and Publication Administration* has not announced the approval information for online games from August to November.

Dark Horse Mobile Game ” Hua Yishan Heart Moon 

The dark horse mobile game in November was definitely the ” Moon of Flower and Mountain Heart” that entered the Top 30 monthly game download list in less than a week .

On November 25, Chaoxi Lightyear’s self-developed card-based mobile game “Hua Yishan Heart Moon” was officially launched, and it topped the App Store game free list the day after it was launched.

“Yan Cai Miao Jin” art style

In terms of game style, “Hua Yishan Heart Moon” chose to match the background of ancient academies, and at the same time highlight the ancient style of *cultural heritage, but different from ordinary forms of antiquity, the game is aimed at the “Royal Academy”. The setting adopts a brand-new “color drawing in color” art style, and adopts the iron line drawing method in the *18 drawing, and the outline of each line is exquisite.

Exquisite paintings are reflected in many details, such as “lacquered gold” hook-dyed palaces and pavilions, golden accessories that can be seen everywhere, and golden patterns in the pattern, all highlighting the exquisite and narrative sense of the game.

Immersive experience

The immersive experience of the gameplay is also a highlight of the game. As the protagonist, the player “learns and grows in the Royal Academy, experience the ancient and elegant academy life with the children of the family, and solve the mystery of the court”.

Different from many ancient “gong fighting” themes on the market, “Hua Yishan Heart Moon” focuses on the ancient academies, allowing players to be classmates with their favorite paper people, immersive classroom learning, and the main creative team also joins carefully The gameplay of “passing notes in class” during the student era has made players feel more substituting.

The dubbing and soundtrack is a must

As the game advertises, “Hua Yishan Heart Moon” can be said to have “top voice actors”. Jiang Guangtao, Wu Lei, Su Shangqing, etc., are all familiar to female mobile game players. Many voice actors The old fans of I was afraid that they would “get into the pit in one second.” Coupled with the soundtrack of the national style music master Lin Hai, the exquisite painting style of the game and the high value of the protagonist group can be said to be the best audio-visual enjoyment.

*Afterwards, I have to mention that, in addition to the superior quality of the game itself, the self-research team of the game is backed by byte beating day and night, and the strong traffic pool and publicity capabilities are also a big help. “Hua Yishan The popularity of “Heart Moon” is not accidental.

In December, 163 mobile games were transferred to shelves through reservations

The booking monitoring of Qimai Data shows that in December, 163 iOS game products will be launched on the App Store through pre-order transfer, including Tencent’s “Xuan Zhong Ji “ ; *World’s “Magic Tower ; Xishanju’s World of Swordsman 3“Etc. , as shown in the following table:

Tencent’s mobile game downloads + top three in revenue

Recently, Qimai Data released the ” November Popular Games Ranking (iOS) “. You can click the blue character to view the full list.
In November, the App Store game download list and revenue list were occupied by Tencent’s mobile games . In the download list, “League of Legends Mobile Games” occupies Top1, “King of Glory” and “Peace Elite ” ranked Top2 and Top3. In the income list, “King of Glory” continues to top the list, and the second and third places are “Peace Elite” and “League of Legends Mobile Games.”