Teflon Machining Problem

Why communicate with customers every time to reduce the accuracy of acceptance to solve the problem? For this reason, the author understands this: people in the industry often joked that things you can’t draw can’t be cnc machined without you, but you are willing to invest a lot of manpower and resources to do it.

Time is money, and faster delivery speed means faster testing and delivery for customers, which can greatly reduce the period of management and operating expenses. Just as the drawing needs to mark the tolerances where necessary, it is reasonable to process the unacceptable parts according to the default tolerances. The money must be spent on the blade and the useful parts. After all, the final cnc machining parts can meet the requirements for use. Is the final acceptance criteria. It is futile to blindly pursue high precision, increase machining costs and increase customer costs.

Teflon Machining material has a large thermal expansion and contraction size, which will be different in winter and summer.

Turning a bit slower, save it flat,

It can also be considered to use filled PTFE, filled glass fiber, ceramic powder, etc. to improve insulation and maintain dimensional stability and rigidity, but the material cost and turning speed will increase a lot.