“Symptoms” of Indoor Air Pollution

When I wake up every morning, I feel suffocated, nauseated, and even dizzy.​​ Although I don’t smoke and rarely come into contact with the smoking environment, I often feel uncomfortable in my throat, feel a foreign body, and have difficulty breathing.​​ As soon as I go to work, I feel a sore throat, dry respiratory tract, dizziness and fatigue after a long time. There is no problem after get off work, and other staff in the same building also feel this way.

Children at home often cough, sneeze, and their immunity is weakened. Children in newly renovated houses are reluctant to go home.​​ Family members are often prone to colds.​​ Family members often have skin allergies and other problems, and it is a group.​​ The family has a common disease, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms have changed and improved significantly.​​

The newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time, and the reason cannot be found out.​​ Pregnant women are found to have fetal malformations under normal pregnancy conditions

After a new move or new decoration, indoor plants are not easy to survive. The leaves are prone to yellowing and withering, especially some plants with the strongest vitality are difficult to grow normally. After the new move, domestic pet cats, dogs and even tropical fish died inexplicably, and so did the neighbors.

The rooms of newly renovated homes and office buildings or newly purchased furniture have irritating odors such as dazzling and pungent, and the smell still persists for more than a year. These phenomena are all caused by unqualified indoor air quality. People spend more than 80% of their life indoors, and the quality of indoor air is closely related to our health. If you and your family have these symptoms, please take measures as soon as possible, contact professionals for indoor environmental testing and treatment, and eliminate the time bomb buried around you as soon as possible.”

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