Strengthening professional management to promote continuous business growth, JCET appoints senior vice president of global sales

April 14, 2021, Shanghai, China – Changdian Technology has appointed Mr. Lin Jingming as the company’s senior vice president, with overall responsibility for the global sales business, reporting directly to the CEO, Mr. Zheng Li.

In the past two years, Changdian Technology has laid a solid foundation for the company’s healthy and high-quality development by strengthening professional management, improving operational efficiency, optimizing resource layout and continuous innovation. With the diversification of semiconductor market demands, JCET needs a more excellent sales team to provide the best professional support and services to customers around the world. In this regard, Mr. Lin Jingming said: “This is one of my career opportunities. A very important decision. The semiconductor industry is facing a rare historical development opportunity, the leading position of JCET in this industry, especially the strategy and philosophy of JCET’s management team, as well as my own understanding, experience and experience of the semiconductor industry chain. With love, this decision was taken for granted. Together with the team, I will provide top-notch service and support to our new and existing client partners.”

This personnel appointment is a new layout for Changdian Technology to move towards professional management. Mr. Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of Changjiang Electronics Technology, said: “Building an excellent professional team and corporate culture is one of the important strategies for Changjiang Electronics Technology to develop internationally. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Lin Jingming, the company’s global sales and service. The work can take it to a new level, allowing more customers and consumers from different countries and regions and different application fields to benefit from Changdian Technology’s high-quality products and services.”

Mr. Lin Jingming has more than 24 years of business development experience in the semiconductor packaging and testing (OSAT) industry and rich multi-cultural management experience. Before joining Changdian Technology, he served as president of global business development in KYEC and Huatai Electronics. Mr. Lin Jingming holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from RMIT University.

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