STMicroelectronics Adds Highly Integrated Offline Converter to VIPerPlus Product Family

December 15, 2020, China – STMicroelectronics’ VIPer31 compact high-voltage converter IC is the latest addition to the VIPerPlus family, enabling robust power converters with high reliability and compliance with energy-efficient eco-design specifications while saving material Inventory (BoM) cost.

VIPer31 is ideal for designing common off-line AC/DC converter topologies, including isolated and non-isolated flyback, buck and buck-boost converters. This compact converter IC has a high degree of integration, and requires very few peripheral components in practical applications, so that a small-sized and low-cost PCB can be used to develop and design cost-effective power products.

The high conversion efficiency with no-load power consumption below 20mW, combined with 230VAC input voltage, makes VIPer31 suitable for designing switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for large or small home appliances, air conditioners, smart home or building automation, lighting, metering and motor control.

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The IC embeds 30kHz, 60kHz and 132kHz selectable frequency dithering PWM controller, as well as 800V avalanche ruggedized MOSFET power stage, high voltage startup circuit, sense FET current sense sensor, direct feedback error amplifier, internal power supply without auxiliary winding, and adopts Clampless design.

The wide Vcc supply voltage of 4.5V to 30V helps simplify the power supply design of the VIPer31 itself. In addition, the 24VDC drain start-up voltage can further save external circuit cost and allow an ultra-wide AC input voltage range, thereby enhancing the chip’s application flexibility in consumer and industrial fields.

The new products also have built-in overvoltage and undervoltage protection, soft-start, short-circuit protection, pulse skipping protection and thermal shutdown.

The VIPer31 is in production now in a cost-effective SO16N package.

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