Split Fiber Laser Marking Machine Buying Guide

Do you find marking on your products difficult or have you even discovered that the marks you have been making on your metal and nonmetal products seem to fade or disappear even before they leave the company factory? There are two possibilities, you are either marking with the wrong laser machine or you are marking with ink. This is not entirely good for your company. In order to change your marking and engraving narrative, you need a split fiber laser marking machine. The split fiber laser marking machine relieves you of all marking and engraving stress you are encountering. These are what you enjoy when you buy this product:

The split fiber laser machine has both manual and automatic focus methods. The autofocus automatically adjusts the focus of the beam to the most suitable position when marking different materials and different thickness. Thin surface metals can also be marked and engraved perfectly.

Marking speed is approximately 7000mm/s, making you spend less time during production. Therefore, you meet up with fast demands.

Not only can you use the split laser product to mark metal, you can mark other nonmetals such as ceramic, leather and hard plastic. 

The quality of marking and engraving is permanent, no logo, batch codes, serial numbers or any other texts marked or engraved on your products can be erased. 

When you buy Alldo Tech fiber laser marking machine, there is no more stress for you, as our product gives you the quality of marking and engraving you desire.