Sony PS5 new patent encounters difficulties, don’t be afraid of AI to teach you how to pass the gold

Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced a patent applied for by Sony, similar to a game assistant that can learn deep, called “in-game floating window AI platform”, it will give players some suggestions to help players play, It’s similar to the “how to become stronger” game advice in many PC and mobile games.

It is reported that the AI ​​will learn technology through neural networks, process players’ game data, and provide players with effective suggestions when they encounter difficulties (levels). The patent notes, “Generally, in-game resources in the game environment help the user’s character achieve goals. In-game resources can be DLC, add-ons, upgrades, items, hints, and more.

The patent also states that the AI ​​platform will also search for player behavior data, allowing players to see information about the behavior of other players in solving similar levels. For example, when the player asks how to defeat the BOSS, the AI ​​will tell the other player the most common method. And when the player gets stuck somewhere, the AI ​​prompts the game to have microtransaction options that can help them pass the level more easily.

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