Some Tips for Juniper Exam Certification

1. It’s about the Boot Camp of JUNIPER. If you are a local tyrant, I suggest you go. I like a lot of foreigners as if they all go, and they all reflect good results. As for the silk, like me, let’s forget it. You count it, $ 2,500, plus air tickets and a week’s cost, get $ 3,500.

2. The network problem of the test, the delay can only be more obvious, but not to an unacceptable level. However, long-term freeze-ups are still a bit frequent, especially as soon as noon and the afternoon, wasting time and always interrupting thinking. At this time, you should promptly remind the examiner (the examiner is Simon, one of the top three IEs in mainland China, a very kind & enthusiastic person), give you time and finally give you a delay. Juniper JNCIS ENT JN0-347 dumps

3. Use show display set, load merge terminal, and copy, modify, and paste three axes. They are your good test partners. Without them, you will make your already stretched exam time even worse.

4. Beijing Raiders: It is strongly recommended to stay at the Home Inn of Yanle Hutong. This hotel is located in a courtyard area, very quiet, inexpensive, and not far from the Oriental Plaza for the test. After getting up early in the morning, go straight through Yanle Hutong to Dongxi South Street, then in a KFC near Xiehe Hospital.

After breakfast, head straight to Oriental Plaza. Don’t go too early. If the test starts at 9:00, you can start at 7:40. I was waiting too early. In addition, it is recommended to prepare a cup of coffee (there is only black cola there). The energy in the afternoon can not keep up, especially at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It may take several seconds for the CLI to report an error. It is still necessary to refresh. of.Juniper JNCIS Cloud JN0-411 dumps

5. As for the preparation tool, vMX can be used. VMX is a carrier-level virtual routing platform developed by Juniper that can run on various hypervisors. It is very powerful. Compared with the previous olive and pc olive, the latter two are toy. I also plan to introduce a video to introduce its use (not necessarily, for individuals, vMX is similar to PC olive, not very visible. If there is one, it will be updated in this Juniper JNCIS DevOps JN0-420 dumps).

Juniper exam

6. It’s best to find a few like-minded people to set up your own small circle, and everyone discusses, solves, and improves together on technical issues. Walking alone, although it may be enjoyable, is still very bitter and lonely. Prepare a good VPN. Google is also your good teacher. As for Du Niang, let’s go cool in this regard.

If you want to say something, that is, let me start from the beginning, and then reconfigure the overall configuration of various protocols, routing distribution mechanism, protocol next-hop resolution mechanism, traffic transmission mode, and extreme network topo and situations. A deep understanding of a network.

In terms of Juniper JNCIP DC JN0-680 dumps, I can only read a few pages per day from the beginning, and now I can basically digest and absorb any technical topic of 1, 20 pages. This is my biggest achievement in taking the IE exam. This process can be long, tedious, tiring and even frustrating, but interest, passion and perseverance are your magic weapon for victory.