why soft leather sunglasses case become more popular?

The Background:

now days,more and more famous eyeglass brand make the soft sunglasses case as their main produtcs for their eyeglass.though it’s more expensive than hard glasses case,but they would like to.usually,the troditional hard glasses case cost less than 1 doller,but the soft glasses case usually cost 1-2usd/psc.and the soft glasses case is more like a wallet.what happened to this?

hard glasses case

The Reason:

As we know,the soft leather sunglasses case is more expensive than hard sunglasses case,but it can improve the grade of their sunglasses.or we can say,it looks more beautful of their sunglasses when they put them on the soft sunglasses case.they can sold in a higher price if they do that.

hard sunglasses case

The question:

The primary role of the glasses case is to prevent the glasses from being crushed and damaged.but,the soft glasses case can really ensure the safety of the eyeglass?

soft sunglasses case

The Answer:

Yes,of course! Although most of the material of the soft leather case is made of soft leather,but the inside of the case usually has a plastic reinforcement body.

The general extrusion will not damage the eyeglass.

cool sunglasses case

The conclusion:

The popularity of soft leather sunglasses case is the trend of the times, people are no longer satisfied with the function of the glasses case itself only.instead of pursuing fashion and higher grade.

That is an attitude of life.I hope that the world’s small and medium-sized eyeglass brands can also try to use the leather glasses case to replace the traditional metal glasses case, thereby enhancing the image of their own glasses brand. In this increasingly competitive period of the brand, as a brand operator, from the packaging It is the most sensible choice to start by improving your brand image and earn more additional profits.

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