Snap expands mobile ad tools with Multi-Format addition

Snap is making it easier for advertisers to purchase ads for Snapchat by adding automation features as part of its Multi-Format delivery.

Advertisers can now buy multiple video formats as part of a single advertising set and thereby optimise their media purchases on the social media app.

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Multi-format delivery is an emerging technology that aims to boost ROI of ad spending by incorporating multiple ad formats rather than one.

This means ads are no longer restricted to a single product or type of ad, e.g. Display.

It shifts the focus of campaigns to a multi-product approach to drive campaign success.

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Snap’s machine learning algorithm determines the best ad inventory to fill the ad format, targeting a suitable audience at the defined budget.

As of this week, marketers will be able to purchase Snap video ads in the new multi-format mode.

Snap also plans to add self-serve AR ads early next year.