Small glasses case, Full of changes

Small glasses case, Full of changes

What is fashion, fashion is to match. The concept of match has been integrated into people’s work, travel, and study life. Girls’ bags, boys’ watches, children’s shoes, and even the old man’s crutches are a kind of matching elements. However, about matching, there is a small role that is very inconspicuous, but it plays a key role in the match. This kind of thing is almost everyone, that is the glasses case. In many people’s impressions, the eyeglass case is just a very normal object, it has nothing to do with fashion. But you think, an exquisite urban girl, drove to a date, went to the coffee shop, wanted to take off the glasses, at this time, she took out a black, rectangular, worn-out glasses case from the bag, emmmm….. I believe that everyone who is pursuing fashion will not allow such things to happen. The glasses case is no longer simply a storage tool. In today’s daily life, it is more like a must-have element for fashion people, and is slowly changing our way of life.

Since the glasses case is so important, let’s take a look at the specific ways in which the glasses case can be classified.

1.Classified by materials

A.The character of hard eyeglass case with metal inside

The hard eyeglass case with metal inside we produced are mainly made of PU leather and flocking inside, we usually use iron as the metal inside the case. The PU leather is wrapped around the outside of case to provide a waterproof and dirt-resistant effect. The case is covered with soft PS flocking, which can protect people’s glasses and prevent their lenses from being damaged. The use of iron in the glasses case is to make them more secure, greatly increasing the pressure resistance and drop resistance of the case. Most of our cases are flip-top design, making it easy for people to take their glasses out. The rectangular case has a reasonable internal space, and most of the glasses on the market can be put into the case.Although the hard case is heavier in weight, its strong pressure resistance makes it more likely that people who often damage the glasses will buy it.

B.The character of plastic glasses case(clear glasses case)

Plastic glasses case also named clear glasses case, it have not been eliminated in the market because of their light weight and low price. Plastic case are mainly made of PP, PS, GPPS, ABS, AS and other materials. PP material has good stress crack resistance and high bending fatigue life. Its use on clear glasses case makes the case light and tough. PS is an eco friendly material which can be recycled. It contains no harmful substances, no odor and no pollution. It has stability, oxidation resistance and long-lasting performance. This kind of glasses case can be used for a long time. ABS material has good luster, hard, tough, rigid, and resistant to water and inorganic acid and alkali salts, so this material is the hardest in plastic hard glasses case. AS has a good transparency and surface hardness, so the clear glasses case are mostly uses this material. The clear glasses case can clearly see the state of the glasses in the case, and the case will also be put a sponge pad on the bottom of case which can protect the glasses better.

clear glasses csae

C.The character of leather glasses case

With the continuous improvement of the glasses case, the best-selling leather glasses case on the market has emerged. This kind of glasses case just like wallets, which can be carried even in hand in any time. People buy this eyeglass case mainly for sunglasses, because the size of the cases won’t be too small, so eyeglasses and sunglasses on the market can be put in. The leather glasses csae is mainly made of leather and flocking material inside. The leather has the advantages of strong air permeability, high strength, soft and comfortable texture. The leather makes the case more fashionable and precious, and the soft PS flocking inside is designed to prevent the glasses from being damaged. The case made of leather can be easily wiped off if you accidentally get dirty. You don’t always worry that your glasses case will get dirty like your wallet.

fashion leather glasses case

D.The character of soft glasses case made by microfibers

Compared with other glasses cases, the glasses pouch made of microfibers have the advantages of light weight, low price and easy carrying. The material of this materials has good elasticity, smooth hand feeling, fineness, lightness and low moisture absorption. It has good weather resistance and chemical resistance and can be machine washed. The microfiber pouch of eyeglass has the advantage of being cleanable compared with other glasses cases. Some glasses cases are difficult to get rid of dirty, but the soft glasses case can be easily washed by hand and has a long use time. It can be packed into your bag and does not occupy too much weight or space. This advantage has attracted many women. Some girls like to carry small bags, but other kinds of eyeglass case usually placed too much space in bag so that there is no extra enough position for the rest of the items. This kind of case will not cause space shortage for girls. Therefore, this style case is basically aimed at women’s groups.

glasses pouch microfibers

2.Classified by styles

A.Simple solid color business style glasses case

The simple business style glasses case produced by our eyeglass case manufacturers is very popular among successful men. The solid color is simple and cool, for example, the black case represents the symbol of rights and stability, and this style case also looks more upscale, so it attracts the attention of many men. The simple solid color series is a good match, and the simple style is very popular in the market. Some women also like this styles, and these women tend to be a city women. The case can not only shows what’s the level they are in, but also shows their discerning, so they are more willing to choose a solid business style when choosing a eyeglass case. People who have a certain position in the company not only have to give their customers a sense of calm, but also give their subordinates a sense of majesty, so they will not choose other types of glasses cases. Fancy colors often mean impetuousness. If successful people put such a color on the negotiating table, their success rate will be greatly reduced. In order to complete their negotiations more quickly and efficiently, they will choose a simple and pure business style case.

business style glasses case

B.Holiday style glasses case

Green offers a feeling of cool summer. The green glasses case is prominent on the counter, and the conspicuous case is usually more noticeable. The cool case offen brings a tropical holiday feeling. Even if you see this kind of case in the winter, you will not feel cool. This style of glasses case can not only bring warmth to the owner, but also bring it to others around it. Some girls are afraid of the cold, they are more willing to choose a warm-colored when choosing a glasses case. Girls who have just stepped into the society will prepare two styles of eyeglass cases for themselves because of the heavy work. When they work, they go out to play and are another set of equipment. The box with this cool tropical resort style can also let the mood fly, making them feel a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. These girls appeared on the beach with this small fresh glasses case, completely in line with their environment. But in many times, this kind of case would be the first choise for student because It’s cheap.

cheap glasses case

C.Luxury style eyeglass case

Luxury style glasses cases are very popular among middle-aged women. They want to wear something that they can represent on their caste, and this style case will be the only choice of them. For example Gucci, MiuMiu and LV, those are the brand very popular in market. The purple eyeglass case with the golden LOGO makes the entire case more expensive and high-grade. Some middle-aged women attend high level venue with this extravagant glasses case, often raising their status in the hearts of others, and that’s the effect they want to see, so when they choose glasses case they will usually ignore other normal style cases, they only willing to choose the case that highlights their identity. Elegant classic traditional style case are not loved by young fashion women, they prefer a stylish and simple glasses case. Therefore, this style cases is basically in the hands of middle-aged women.

luxury leather glasses case

3.Classified by types

A.Hard eyeglass case

Hard eyeglass cases have the advantages of resistance to pressure and drop resistance, but its heavier weight also limits people who want to buy it. Hard glasses have the advantage of being durable compared to plastic glasses case. The hard cases usually have the shapes of rectangular and elliptical. Generally, this type of case usually appears in those middle-aged and male groups, because these people do not care about the appearance of the glasses case, instead of about the functional performance. We are constantly renovating hard cases to create stylish and beautiful eyeglass cases, just to make the hard case not only to be welcomed by men, but also to make the female customers who care about the weight buy it because of its good-looking style. This abstract art watercolor design of the hard eyeglass case looks both high-end and stylish, and its appearance has also been favored by many female consumers.

B.Leather glasses case

Because of its wallet style and unique shape, the leather case has been very popular among many consumers, but most leather glasses case in market are belong to leather sunglasses case. Whether it is women or men or even middle-aged and old people, they all like this type of glasses case. The leather glasses case is comfortable to touch because of its soft leather material, Because of this glasses case has a very different appearance, attracting many consumers to purchase. Leather case also have more space than other glasses cases, and most people buy this case for packing sunglasses. It is also very convenient to carry, so many people will carry it with them even in hand. and people who see it will think that you are carrying a wallet. This kind of leather glasses case has a variety of styles, not only retro style but also fashionable style and even very cool style. The variety of styles makes this type of case more purchased than other ones.

leather glasses case

C.Folding glasses case

Folding glasses case can be folded and stored without taking up space. When people take out glasses from it, it can be folded it into a flat one, which greatly reduces the space in bag so that people can store more stuffs in bag. It’s usually have a triangle shape while it opened, which has the advantage of being more resistant to falling than the glasses bag. It can not only put ordinary glasses in, but also can be take sunglasses in. as compressible products are become more popular today. Usually girls have more things than men, they would buy some compressed masks, compressed towels and the like into their suitcases. Because of other kind of glasses cases do not have the advantage of not occupying space, this style of foldable glasses case has become a must-have for them to go out and play. This glasses case can be printed with some full patterns on just like owl and so on, the pattern on it can be clear and beautiful, and it is more popular among females.

folding eyeglass case

D.Glasses pouch

Compared with other glasses cases, the glasses bag has the advantages of light and cheap, But it can’t withstand excessive extrusion. There are generally two ways to open the eyeglasses pouch. The first type is a drawstring type, and the second type is a spring piece press type. Some glasses bags are whole leather design, some are made by microfiber cloth, others are leather plus cloth design. The full-leather glasses bag can protect the glasses better than other ones. The microfiber pouch has the lightest weight, it can also wipe the lens surface of the glasses, and the half leather and cloth design have beautiful personality. The interior of the pouch is soft and delicate, and can be placed with high-end myopia, reading glasses and sunglasses. The functions of the glasses bags are much more, not only can put glasses or mobile phones, small items such as change, it can protect the phone well and prevent the screen from being scratched.

Eyeglasses pouch leather

4.Classified by users

A.Animal skin eyeglass case designed for fashionable men

The snake-skinned glasses case breaks through the classical leather glasses case of the simple style. This case is both fashionable and cool. Many fashionable hipsters like this style. The past leather eyeglass cases were all in a uniform style, and there was no such unique style of case. This type of case is incomprehensible to the eyes of the elderly, and they may even angry when they see those young people carrying this kind of glasses case. There are a lot of people who don’t like this style of case, and it is difficult for both the elderly and young women to accept this. But some young men appreciate this special fashion, they think that this glasses case is both cool and domineering.

snake skin leather eyeglass case

B.Fresh style eyeglass case designed for girls

Now the gradient color mobile phone is very popular among the female groups, so we follow the trend to design a rainbow gradient color eyeglass case, which is both fresh and beautiful. Many girls saw the old-fashioned glasses case and they gave up to use it or carry with, but when they saw the case, they re-appreciated the cute girl-style hard eyeglass case. This style of case represents this youthfulness and attracts the attention of many girls. Because of the beautiful color, although this design will not attracted by boys. Its buying group is also limited. Office workers will ignore it in order to show their maturity. This style of glasses case is sweet and cute, full of vitality, girls who are still in school prefer this style.

hard glasses case girls

C.Cartoon style glasses case for kids

With the advent of electronic products, many children have become myopia just after they are in elementary school. Children like to watch cartoons. At present, many of them have printed animated characters on their books according to their preferences. Because these children like animation, they will buy posters about animation. They also want to see these cartoon characters on their own. Today’s children are more self-willed, and things they don’t like will not be preserved. Parents can’t help but buy what they want. We designed this kids eyeglass case with Conan anime characters according to the child’s hobby. This case is durable enough and the parents don’t have to worry about the case being damaged by the child. This carton design hard eyeglass case has just been on the market and has been loved by most children.

kids glasses case

D.Vintage style glasses case for the elderly

Fashion is a reincarnation. Now the clothes, furniture and other things have appeared in retro style. The retro-style thing just came out and was loved by the elderly. Most of young men don’t like this style, but there are still men who like this old-fashioned eyeglass case. They think that the glasses case is more personalized and mature, which can show their identity. There are too many things are fashionable now, limiting the desire of those who like old-fashioned items. These old people think that fashion glasses cases are suitable for young people, so they have to buy those glasses case who are popular on market, they have not too much choice. However, the appearance of this vintage leather case has inspired their idea of buying a case for their eyeglass.

vintage leather glasses case

E.Rayban style glasses case for adult.

The Ray-Ban style glasses case has been on fire for many years, and it’s still a bit out of date.The color of these glasses cases tends to be relatively simple, not black or white, and it looks very cool.Ray-Ban glasses were used by the US Air Force at the beginning, because they must be brought on the plane, so the weight must be light.Due to the continuous improvement of the material, its weight is getting lighter and lighter now, but the style does not change much.However, some glasses case suppliers in China have used colorful colors as their leather, which looks particularly eye-catching.So if you are a person who likes to play cool and loves simplicity, this ray ban glasses case must be perfect for you, and it is suitable for almost all ages and genders.

rayban glasses case

5.Classified by colors

A.Black eyeglass case and features

Black is a color that will never be outdated, and it is also the best color to match. Some boys are too lazy to choose the color, so they usually will pick black accessories. Many men prefer to use a black glasses case because it’s making a sense of mystery. Also, the black stands for solemnity and maturity. Most managers like this color. When they need to establish authority in front of their subordinates and do not want to attract attention or distraction, they will use black. The black glasses case has the advantage of being resistant to dirt. Some men have the habit of throwing things everywhere. Other cases of color are easy to get dirty when exposed to the outside, but we don’t need to worry about the black case. Even if it is dirty, it can be wiped off.

B.White eyeglass case and features

White stands for purity, bright and clean, simple, and girls who like clean will choose this type of glasses case. But one drawback of white is that it is easier to get dirty, so even if the white object looks good, it will stop some people from buying it. Some older people think that white is not stain-resistant, so they usually choose black cases, but there are many young women who think that white eyeglass case look better than other colors, they don’t care about their dirt resistance and to buy them. People used to think that the meaning of white is not good because of the old concept, so these people will not buy anything that sees white. With the development of the times, people who have changed these old ideas, white products are getting more and more refined and beautiful, while seeing young girls wear whites, those people think that white jewelry can be worn, Now more and more people started buying white hard eyeglass case.

C.Red glasses case and features

Red represents vitality, positive optimism, and is the color that many adolescent girls like. Red is a bright and vibrant color, so few boys will like it. Red is a warm color, not only can bring warmth to the owner itself, but also bring warmth to others. When strangers see some girls wearing gray jewelry, she will find it difficult to get along, and if it is red, it will make others more willing to contact with you. Women who generally use red leather sunglasses case are passionate and willing to communicate with others. It is something like the Chinese New Year, or the festive day of marriage will use red things, not only for girls, but also for middle-aged and old women, so the red glasses case is the best-selling in other color cases.

D.Grey glasses case and features

Gray is an intermediate character that can be accepted by both men and women, so gray is also the main color that is always popular. Gray is a symbol of maturity, it’s also a color that is neglected by young boys. Gray stands for desertion, loneliness, simplicity, it is not as pure as white, no golden smash, but this is the color that middle-aged men like. Older men don’t like fancy colors, they prefer dark colors, so the things they buy are also dark. Black is the first choice of these people. Because of the black items, they feel that their lockers are too monotonous, so these people will buy gray glasses case to increase its color. But some young men sometimes also choose grey glasses cases. These people tend to be more ordinary, gentle, and modest. They just want to give others a sense of stability and stability.

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