SipxMach shows the metal stamping history

Sipxmach was found in2012, and the oldest stamping engineers is more than 25years’ stamping work experience. He shares the history of stamping technology improvements in China.

1. Manual stamping

sheet metal with hand forming
sheet metal with hand forming

The occluded gap of the stamping part needs to be cut by the staff with scissors.
The edge line needs to be marked manually with a cutting needle or compass.
And the edges and body surfaces needs to be struck with a wood square rule and a metal hammer.

The final size accuracy can only reach about 1mm, and the highest technical standard of the stamper can only reach the level of hammering with no visual surface marks.

2. Hydraulic sheet metal shear and hydraulic stamping machine

Hydraulic sheet metal shears
Hydraulic sheet metal shears

The processing of stamping parts is less effort than manual stamping.

The surface quality of stamping parts is basically even and the appearance is exquisite.

3. CNC plate shearing machine and CNC bending machine

Compound die stamping
Compound die stamping

The bending accuracy of the stamping parts reaches 0.1°, and the dimension progress advances to 0.1mm.

No trapezoidal screw and thread need to be repeatedly positioned and adjusted, which can save the whole stamping time and improve the punching speed and efficiency.

4. Progressive die stamping and composite die stamping

CNC hydraulic sheet metal shears
CNC hydraulic sheet metal shears

According to the need, blanking, flanging, punching, marking graphic and other stamping processes can be completed in one stamping machine.

The cost is saved, and the appearance and positioning of the same batch of stamping products are more consistent

5. Automatic feeding and servo robot

Automatic input of sheet metal materials, automatic transfer of stamping parts, and automatic separation of scrap and collection of finished products.

Further improve the stamping efficiency, so that large quantities of products orders need to reduce the size of stamping factory.

So, we’re not going to stop making progress, and we’re going to keep making technological improvements.
In order to better output quality stamping products, your every delivery task will become our technical experience.

Sipxmach stamping company promises that every time the product is taken seriously and will be done with the best solution.

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