Shanghai Microelectronics may launch DUV lithography machine for 28nm chips

As we all know, the lithography machine is one of the important equipments stuck in domestic chip manufacturing. At present, most of the lithography machines used by domestic chip manufacturers are imported from ASML, and some are imported from Canon.

Especially high-end lithography machines, such as 193nm ArF immersion lithography machines, which can be used for 14nm, can only be imported from ASML. As for EUV lithography machines that can be used for 7nm and below processes, only ASML can produce them and cannot be sold to Chinese mainland manufacturers.

Shanghai Microelectronics may launch DUV lithography machine for 28nm chips

The strongest domestic lithography machine is the SSX600 produced by Shanghai Microelectronics. The highest precision is still at 90nm, that is, for chip manufacturing below 90nm, it is necessary to import a lithography machine.

Therefore, how to improve the technology of domestic lithography machines and reach the current level of domestic chip manufacturing is an urgent issue. Not to mention EUV, let’s have a DUV lithography machine, that is, a 193nm ArF immersion lithography machine. This can support at least 7nm or more.

There have been various claims before, basically saying that the DUV lithography machine of Shanghai Microelectronics is about to come out and can support the 28nm process, but it was basically proved to be unreliable because it was not released according to the previous time.

Recently, the foreign media Verdict has another exciting report, saying that “China’s domestic 28nm DUV lithography machine is planned to be produced by Shanghai Microelectronics (SMEE) by the end of this year.”

And said that this equipment can be used to manufacture 48nm-28nm chips, and also said that by 2023, Shanghai Microelectronics’ lithography technology will be used to manufacture 20nm 5G chips.

There are pictures and truth

Of course, since this news is not official news, it is not necessarily true, but I believe that most people are willing to believe it is true, because once the DUV lithography machine can really be used for the 28nm process, then the It means that at the stage of 28nm, it is almost possible to achieve national production, which is a big step for Chinese chips.

So next, let’s see if DUV lithography machine can be launched at the end of the year for 28nm, let’s wait and see, I hope this time is not fake.

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