(Serialize Two) 7 Ultimate quality control method – Quality management system

(Serialize Two) 7 Ultimate quality control method – Quality management system

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We just have detail explained why your China supplier quality problem happened again and again, and take an example of China Automobile stamping parts factory to describe the problem, and how an American “food factory” control the quality.

Following is the 7 ultimate quality control methods for all kinds of industries are available

No.1 Operational standard

Material purchase
Material checking result
Production arrangement ration
Production condition
Package standard
Storage condition
All these should be had a whole standard and traceability

No.2 Tracking quality inspection during the whole production flow

Quality control is spread throughout the entire production flow process, random inspection the quality, and manager should checking the report timely.

No.3. Effective production line tracking

Material income batch number, checker, inspection standard, production line batch number, production manager, packaging materials, standards, all data should be put into the database. The product can be effectively tracked, and even if there is a problem, it can quickly know where the problem is and who should take responsibility for it.

Continuous improvement

Simple? Yes, it is very simple.

Really implemented can also see the effectiveness immediately. Nothing is needed but a sense of responsibility of a company from top to bottom. Therefore, this blog is not for the salesman to see, the bosses and importers who plan to purchase from China factory or trading company are worth looking at.

No. 4 Specific QC tools:

No.4.1 Product data card

Take sheet metal components as an example: The raw materials, the specifications of the products, the types of materials used, the processing techniques, the packaging requirements, and the tolerance values are all recorded and made into product cards. The sample of the material also needs to be sampled and stored. When the product is produced or the raw materials are received, the product or raw material can be compared to meet the requirements.

Many China factories rely on skilled workers and are difficult to be replaced. With such a product card method, the ratios and environmental impact differences are recorded. Even for novices, there are places to query, so that they can learn from them.

No.4.2 Operating standard book

A production process requires operational procedures, packaging sequences and precautions, and so on.

The workers in each process are trained and operated in strict accordance with the operating standards. In this way, the products produced by the workers will not be too different, and the quality of the products can be controlled.

No.4.3 Database

Raw materials, production lines, workers, packaging, etc. are numbered.

There is a corresponding number record for the raw materials from the beginning of putting the material into the warehouse. When a product is produced, the supplier of the material can be found according to such number. All the circumstances are clear: the time of entering the factory, acceptance time, acceptance result, production line number, production worker information, packaging worker information, inspection worker information, and the information of the person who in charge of acceptance.

If there is a problem in the future, it is simple and convenient to follow the number to find out which step has gone wrong.

Take an example: Based on these data numbers, it is easy to trace the problem.

If a batch of goods is one hundred boxes for stamping parts or Electrical stamping parts which you imported from China, of which 22 cases have product problems and ten boxes have packaging problems, then it can be inferred that the whole batch of raw materials of parts have the same number, the product lines are the same, the workers are different, the packing workers are different, then the raw materials of the whole batch of  parts are same, the production machines are same, the other is no problem, naturally it is the problem of the workers. And so on,

If the raw material numbers of the parts are different, then the parts materials that are just in question;

If the product line is different, but there is no problem with other products on the product line, then it may not be a product line problem;

If the components packaging problem is only in the hands of a worker, then it may be a worker problem…

PS: Some well-prepared warehousing will be sampled and retained for searching during the acceptance of the material incoming, which means that in addition to the data record, there will be samples.

No.5 Production machinery equipment maintenance record

As with the product operation book, how to analyze the problem of the mechanical problem, how to solve it, how to solve the record. For many small factories, they do not have a special mechanic engineer, because the wages of the mechanical engineer is not affordable. The data recorded in this way does not need to rely on the mechanic engineer when similar problems happen.

No.6 Independent laboratory / inspector

As to whether the raw material sand finished products meet the standards (Example: China Metal stamping parts and CNC machining parts), a simple and easy inspection method must have for this kind of metal stamping parts and CNC machining parts, so that the quality inspectors can rely on this standard to test and judge whether the product materials meet the requirements.

No.7 Warehouse production daily record

Warehouse production

Record the environmental conditions of the warehouse production, such as date, climate, temperature, humidity, etc., and record the daily mechanical configuration data. In order to investigate the problem, you can check the manual product card and the material allocation or the configuration of the machine does not meet the standard.

For example: producing a batch of cartons. This batch of carton needs 350g gray-white board paper, three-color printing.

pack carton

When the raw material incoming, which manufacturer provided it, these factors must be recorded: whiteness, hardness, which can be judged by standard paper samples, or by simple physical tests, such as stiffness, taking the same area. Test whether it can bear the same weight after folding in different directions.

Paper card entering the factory number: 120101
Warehouse: A
Location: A3
Production line: 01
Production workers: 0749
According to the product card and operation manual, set the mechanical temperature and humidity printing, die-cut packaging,and glue
Quality inspector: Q023 is responsible for the overall inspection and inspection, acceptance color, printing quality, etc.
Packing worker: P011
Order number: XX0515M-01

In this way, the entire production has a strict inspection, production in accordance with the standard, acceptance of packaging and shipment, the error rate will be minimized. Moreover, if the customer complains in the future because the entire database is recorded, it can be known which products of the order number should be tracked, which production lines, and which data.

Quality management system is not a problem, you should have correct attitude:

Quality control is never difficult, but as a boss, you should push the concept and responsibility of QC be implemented throughout the company; the real barrier is your China factories and trader which did not concentrate on it about the strict quality control.

No matter of stamping parts or CNC machining parts, although you are major in other industries, lack of responsibility is in vain.

Of course, the above is just a simple and easy way of operation. More details and more methods require the bosses of your China factories or trading companies to study hard and make changes according to the actual situation.

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