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The Delphi Series Q48DW Quarter Brick, 48V input, dual output, isolated DC/DC converters are the latest offering from a world leader in power system and technology and manufacturing — Delta Electronics, Inc. This product family provides dual positive regulated outputs with a flexible combination of output current and power up to 45W in a very cost effective industry standard footprint. With creative design technology and optimization of component placement, these converters possess  utstanding electrical and thermal performance, as well as extremely high reliability under highly stressful operating conditions. All models are fully protected from abnormal input/output voltage, current, and temperature conditions. The Delphi Series Q48DW converters meet all safety requirements with basic insulation.

Input Voltage
Continuous :80 Vdc
Transient (100ms) <100ms 100 Vdc
Operating Temperature Refer to Figure 27 for measuring point -40 118 °C
Storage Temperature -55 125 °C
Input/Output Isolation Voltage <1 minute 1500 Vdc
Operating Input Voltage 36 48 75 Vdc
Input Under-Voltage Lockout
Turn-On Voltage Threshold 33 34 35 Vdc
Turn-Off Voltage Threshold 31 32 33 Vdc
Lockout Hysteresis Voltage 1 2 3 Vdc
Maximum Input Current 1.8 A
No-Load Input Current 40 60 mA
Off Converter Input Current 5 10 mA
Input Reflected-Ripple Current P-P thru 12µH inductor, 5Hz to 20MHz 5 10 mA
 Input Voltage Ripple Rejection 120Hz 66 dB
Vout 1 1.200 1.240 1.260 Output Voltage Set Point Vin=48V, Io=Io.max, Tc=25℃ Vout 2 3.300 3.330 3.360 Vdc
Output Voltage Regulation
Io1=Io, min to Io, max, Io2=0A Vout 1 Over Load Io2=Io, min to Io, max, Io1=0A Vout 2 ±5 ±15 mV
Vout 1 Over Line Vin=36V to 75V,Io1=Io2=full load Vout 2 ±3 ±10 mV
Cross Regulation Worse Case ±5 ±15 mV
 Over Temperature Tc=-40℃ to 110℃ ±15 ±50 mV
Total Output Voltage Range Over sample load, line and temperature ±30 ±85 mV
Output Voltage Ripple and Noise 5Hz to 20MHz bandwidth
Vout 1 30 50 Peak-to-Peak Io1, Io2 Full Load, 1µF ceramic, 10µF tantalum Vout 2 30 50 mV
Vout 1 15 30 RMS Io1, Io2 Full Load, 1µF ceramic, 10µF tantalum Vout 2 15 30 mV
Vout 1 0 13 Operating Output Current Range Vout 2 0 8 A
Vout 1 14.5 Output DC Current-Limit Inception Vout 2 9.5 A 

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Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
MAX699CWE+TMaximPower Supply Support Circuit, Fixed, 1 Channel, +4.65VV, CMOS, PDSO16, ROHS COMPLIANT, SO-16 4052 PCS
LL4001GTSCLL41Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 50V V(RRM), Silicon, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, MELF-2 790 PCS
TDA7266MSTZIP-157 W mono bridge amplifier 1165 PCS
TYN812ST928112812A, 800V, SCR, TO-220AB 1096 PCS
RS5C317A-E2RICOHSSOP-14Real Time Clock, Volatile, 0 Timer(s), CMOS, PDSO14, 0.65 MM PITCH, SSOP-14 7332 PCS
NTD4806NA-35GONSOT-251 1590 PCS
UPD784218A801NECLCC(BGA) 1954 PCS
SKM254FSIEMENSIGBT modulePower Field-Effect Transistor, 35A I(D), 500V, 0.17ohm, 2-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, SEMITRANS-7 104 PCS