Thermoplastic Urethane[TPU) Cushioning is the mast advanced impact absorption system on the field. TPU Cushioning absorbs more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet. The science that goes into designing a system that dominates at the high levels begins with a simple directive: relentless dedication to the player. An unwavering focus on helping every athlete become the player that he or she wants to be.

 We introduced TPU Cushioning to football in 2003. Since then, our engineers have continuous challenged themselves to improve and invigorate the design and performance of TPU. Ever new generation brings incredible steps forward. TPU Cushioning is a versatile and customizable powerhouse It’s better at managing heat and it doesnt take a compression set. “The Science of Domination” begins with TPU Cushioning.
The graph below contains football helmet temperature data gathered at an NCAA BCS college practice in Texas during August. The graph clearly shows that temperatures of multiple pads significantly exceeded ambient temperatures and, in some cases, reached as high or higher than 123″F(the maximum reading that the sensors would provide) Additional helmets experienced similar temperature trends to those shown on the graph, but the graph is simplified for presentation purposes.
We design helmets to perform well over a wide range of temperatures. To research the temperatures experienced inside helmet padding, Hotheads Technology, Inc. of Dallas, Texas gathered temperature data by installing sensors inside the pad systems of multiple football helmets and recorded the real-time temperatures of the pads during on-field play.