Samsung foundry forum postponed, when will the impact of the epidemic be closed?

On March 17th, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Foundry, the semiconductor chipset manufacturing division of Samsung, announced that due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company will postpone the “Samsung Foundry” that was originally planned to be held in Silicon Valley, California on May 20. Forum 2020 (Foundry Forum)”.

Samsung is the second largest company in the global semiconductor market with a market share of 17.8%. The foundry forum has attracted hundreds of chip design companies, such as AMD, IBM, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.

A Samsung spokesperson said: “The forum has been postponed to the second half of the year, but the company will continue to pay attention to this situation.”

It is reported that the forum is a step forward for Samsung to expand its foundry business. Since 2016, Samsung has attracted hundreds of fabless customers to participate in the forum, where the company will share its foundry technology roadmap and related service strategies.

Samsung Foundry is using the second-generation 7nm EUV process to produce chips for Samsung Electronics and other brands. On the other hand, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is expected to begin mass production of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 A14 chipset from next month. However, Samsung is expected to launch its own 5nm process before the end of 2020.

When will the impact of the epidemic be closed?

Academician Zhong Nanshan recently stated that it is estimated that the global epidemic will continue until at least June. The focus of prevention and control of the new crown virus will shift from export to import in the future. Guangdong has a lot of international exchanges. Therefore, border inspection measures must be strengthened, and measures must be formulated for coming to China from foreign epidemic areas, and they must be isolated as necessary. For countries with severe epidemics, Guangdong may need to provide foreign assistance, including protection, reagents, and treatment technologies.

It should be noted that the end of the epidemic has nothing to do with the warming of the weather. The latest announcement given by the World Health Organization stated that there is no evidence that the new crown virus will disappear on its own in the summer, and countries should now make every effort to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Michael Rui, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Project, said that it must be assumed that the new crown virus will still have the ability to spread in the summer. For this reason, countries must act quickly, and cannot expect the new crown virus to disappear on its own in the summer like the flu virus.

It is worth mentioning that areas with higher temperatures such as Australia and Southeast Asian countries are still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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