Samsung DRAM memory ranked first in global market share in the third quarter

① Samsung DRAM memory ranked first in the global market share in the third quarter

According to data released by TrendForce, a market research firm, the South Korean semiconductor industry giant-Samsung Electronics’ share in the global dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market in the third quarter of 2021 increased by 0.4 percentage points from the previous quarter. 44%, ranking first in the world.

②Cambrian plans to win the exclusive bid for the Kunshan City Budget 510 million Computing Center Project

According to the public information on the Suzhou Public Resource Trading website, Cambrian plans to become the exclusive supplier of the Kunshan Intelligent Computing Center infrastructure construction project, with a project budget of RMB 510 million. The reporter of “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” noted that the construction of the above-mentioned projects needs to be coordinated with the ecological chain infrastructure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunshan. Including the adaptation of Zhongke ecological products), and the software should provide a unified software platform supporting cloud, edge and terminal chips based on Zhongke Ecology.

③MediaTek signed a contract with a fab to ensure 5G smartphone chip production capacity

According to industry sources, MediaTek has reached a capacity support agreement with the foundry for at least one year. The company hopes to ensure 5G smartphone chip production capacity and maintain its market position.

④NXP released S32G automotive processor

Recently, NXP demonstrated its S32G processor at the 2021 online summit. NXP said that it has obtained extensive cooperation opportunities in various application fields around the world, and NXP will also further enter the passenger car chip market.

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