Run to the future!Huawei London 5G Innovation and Experience Center opens

On December 16, local time, Huawei unveiled the Arget=”_blank”> 5G Innovation and Experience Center in London, UK, aiming to promote further in-depth cooperation between enterprises and innovation partners to jointly build a 5G ecosystem.

As a platform for sharing 5G knowledge and skills, the Huawei 5G Innovation and Experience Centre is committed to strengthening 5G cooperation in the UK and demonstrating how 5G can impact the lives of people in the UK and around the world.

In the center, visitors can experience exciting real-time interactive games, perform on the same stage with their favorite bands with the help of AR and VR technology, and learn about the infinite possibilities created by 5G technology in the future, such as intelligent manufacturing, advanced medical technology, etc.

Photo: From left to right, Jamie Davies (, Huawei Cai Mengbo, Wang Shengniu, Tim Watkins and Adam Mynott jointly unveiled the 5G Innovation and Experience Center

Wang Shengniu, CEO of Huawei UK and Ireland, said: “The opening of the 5G Innovation and Experience Center in London marks another step forward for Huawei as a leading 5G manufacturer. Today’s opening of the Innovation and Experience Center will encourage British companies and technical experts to effectively Collaborate and demonstrate the enormous potential of 5G applications in the private sector and in business.”

According to Huawei’s operating results in the third quarter of 2019, Huawei has signed more than 60 5G commercial contracts with global operators, including all mainstream operators in the UK. Together with customers and partners, Huawei will accelerate the digital transformation of industries such as public utilities, finance, transportation, and power, which are worth trillions of dollars.

Taking this opening as an opportunity, Huawei will also host a live panel discussion on the future of 5G. The London 5G Innovation and Experience Center is located in the Kekong Global Building. Kekong Global is one of the largest shared office spaces in Europe, dedicated to bringing together the most outstanding start-ups and promoting cross-cultural exchange of technical ideas.

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